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Technically your web host isn’t your business partner or your employee, but they do share many similarities to these roles! Once you start seeing them (and utilizing them) in this light, you can really make the most of this all-important “must-have” in your business. After all, there are many things your web host does—or should be doing!—that traditionally partners and employees provide. For starters, they should be making sure your website is operating at top notch speed. That’ a role your web designer often tackles, but web hosts can make magic happen from a different angle.

Also like your web developer, a web host plays a big role in your site’s security. In fact, the majority of data breaches/hacks suffered by web hosts would have been avoidable had they followed some basic security measures. There’s only so much you and your web developer can do on your end. Your web host also has to take care of business. However, many low quality web hosts slack and ultimately put your business and site at risk. You wouldn’t accept that from a web developer, and you shouldn’t accept it from a web host.

Partner Up

Just like your creative team, your host should constantly be coming up with ways to do things better. What would you do if your team never once recommended a different or new solution? Let’s say your marketing team went months or even years without any pitches or suggestions. You’d probably hire a new team! Your web host is in a similar situation: They should always be on the lookout for better technology and services. For example, if your web host doesn’t offer virtual private server/VPS hosting packages, why not? Others do, and it’s a better service than basic shared plans.

A web host should also have great communication skills. This is something you expect from every member of your team (and of course your business partner) in varying degrees. Would you hire or keep someone who refused to answer the phone? How about somebody who said, “Sorry, I don’t do email—please only contact me on my own terms?” Probably not. Your web host can’t totally run the show when it comes to communication. It’s a two-way street.

Putting You First

With a business, everyone should have the same goal. This goes for your business partner and employees, too. If they’re not working with you, they’re against you. Even if they’re not actively “out to get you,” not being on the same page isn’t doing you any favors. If it doesn’t seem like they really care about or respect your business, why keep them on? This can be shown in a number of ways, like a preventable data breach or them being inaccessible during a crisis. Your success is their success.

Ask yourself if your web host is acting like a sound partner and employee. That might dictate whether you stay with their services or find yourself a host who’s a better fit.

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