XPRS Website Builder Review

Easy drag-and-drop website builder. Beautiful templates. No coding required.

User Experience

As their slogan implies, XPRS by IM Creator lets you make your own beautiful website thanks to a drag-and-drop philosophy. This makes it super fast and easy to have your own blog, portfolio, or ecommerce store in just a short while. You could probably finish everything in a day if you’re not really big on details.

XPRS provides a whole host of web page sections to stack and edit. Add forms, a team page, calls to action, maps, logos, and other elements with ease. The downside though, is you won’t be able to move them. But this ‘set’ format ensures your website looks good on any device, particularly on mobile.


Even if XPRS website builder uses a drag-and-drop technique to make sites, it might still take some getting used to. In fact, beginners may find the wide array of features and selections daunting. Depending on the theme you chose, you may even get navigational icons you’re not familiar with.


The themes look awesome though. And there’s plenty of space for photos and white space to work with. But inasmuch as they’re cool, you may find it challenging to create structured elements, like a blog. The key is to give yourself time to become familiar with their features and interface.



With a form builder, you can add all kinds of fields for various purposes, such as contact forms. But XPRS’s form builder is somewhat limited in that it only allows you to add text and multi-line fields. You can’t set a customized page for successful form submissions either (you can edit the success text though).

Yes. Don’t have time to update your site? Don’t worry: XPRS now has an app for that. Simply download onto your device and you can continue work anytime, anywhere, straight from your mobile. The app is available for iOS only.

XPRS has integrated third party ecommerce provider, Shoprocket, for those who may need to open an online store. However, users may have trouble with it as you will need to log into a Shoprocket account for changes to be made completely. This can be confusing and complicated.

Yes. Images look clear and crisp when viewed on retina screens (like those from iPhones). This is an advantage for websites heavy with images or animations as they will appear slick and beautiful.


You won’t have a shortage of sleek, gorgeous, contemporary themes to choose from. This is perhaps IM Creator’s XPRS best offer. If you want a modern website showcasing big visuals and lots of space that looks good on mobile devices, then this is the website builder for you.


Once you pick a theme, you can customize the individual elements (such as edit menus or increase heading or footer size).


Good Billing Practices

Users can create or cancel accounts easily. Premiums accounts are charged monthly, while users with unlimited licenses are billed annually.

Customer Support

XPRS Support includes a website builder manual, available for viewing online or for download. Visit the Knowledge Center for quick answers. Or contact their 24/7 support team for assistance. Contact via email or social media.


Packed with features and thoughtfully designed. Themes are
contemporary and beautiful. Highly recommended.

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