If you have any doubts that WordPress isn’t the premium, go-to platform for all your blogging and website needs, you can put them to rest. Consider these statistics on WP that will astound you—and have you racing to pick the best WP theme for you if you don’t already rely on this leading platform.

  • WordPress is on 74.6 million websites around the globe according to a 2014 report by ManageWP Blog. In other words, that’s one WP side for every single person in Turkey. Half of these websites (about 37 million) use the freebie version of WP. When compared to totally self-hosted sites overall, WP makes up nearly 19 percent.
  • 22 percent of new domains in the US rely on WP in 2014, according to WP expert Tom Ewer. Around the world, there are about 120,000 new domains registered every single day. That figure is expected to keep inching upward every year.
  • There have been 105 version releases of WordPress as of January 2015 according to WordPress.org. Hungry for more? Don’t worry—WP has already officially announced three additional version releases in the works for 2015. These are planned for April, August, and December.
  • WordPress is responsible for 23.3 percent of the top 10,000,000 websites as of January 2015, according to Wikipedia. Some of these sites include BBC Top Gear, The New York Times, National Geographic, and probably at least one website you visit during any given week.
  • 52 percent of Technorati’s Top 100 blogs use WordPress, according to Pingdom. However, Technorati has stopped sub-categorizing between self-hosted sites and WP-hosted sites since their initial 2012 study results (where only 48 percent of the Top 100 blogs used WP).
  • The Top 3 WP-hosted sites on the Top 100 list are Mashable, TechCrunch and Mediaite according to Pingdom. Other platforms used include Ceros, Movable Type and Gawker.<
  • WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” has been downloaded 6,871,570 times as of 1/9/15 (and counting) according to WordPress.org. Keep real-time count and watch it climb higher. Compare that to one of the most popular WP releases of all time, 3.3, which totaled over 12 million downloads. However, 3.3 was released in December 2011, whereas 4.1 was just released in December 2014 (less than one month from when this statistic was secured).
  • WordPress gets 37 million searches each month as of 2014, according to ManageWP Blog. That’s “WordPress” as a singular keyword and doesn’t include variants like “WordPress help”.
  • Indonesians are still the most prolific WordPress users, with the website ranking 7th in the entire country in 2014 according to Alexa. This is up from eighth place in 2012. As for the US? WP doesn’t even rank in the Top 25 (but Craigslist does!).
  • There are 53 official translations of WordPress as of January 2015 according to WordPress.org, along with several dialects, and more are added every year. These include Ukrainian, Kannada, Telugu, and Bosnian to name just a few.
  • More than 409 million people view over 17.8 billion pages each month on WordPress each month as of 2015, according to WordPress.com. There are 49.8 million new posts each month and 61.5 million new comments.
  • Some of the biggest social media sites rely on WordPress according to Yoast, including Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Daily Motion.
  • WordPress is the biggest content management system in the world with 60.8 percent of users preferring it according to a 2014 report by W3Techs. Runners up are Joomla with 7.6 percent and Drupal with 5.1 percent.
  • In India, WordPress as a CMS (47 percent) is nearly 12 times more popular than Drupal (4 percent) as of 2015 according to GoDaddy. In the US in 2014, WordPress is preferred by 50.07 percent of users, with Drupal scooping up 17.07 percent and Joomla getting 6.44 percent in 2014 according to Visual.y.
  • The average salary for a WordPress developer was $99,000, or $47.60 per hour, in 2014 according to Indeed.
  • At oDesk alone, more than 6,821 WP jobs get completed per quarter as of 2014 (as reported by oDesk). As of January 2015, there were 29,529 WP freelancers looking for work on oDesk. In 2014, WordPress was the most requested skill in the world according to Sketch Themes.
  • On Freelancer.com, 243,161 WP projects have been completed to date as of January 2015. That’s a value of $60,571,205.
  • There are 35,418 plug-ins available and 820,209,707 downloads (and counting) as of 1/9/15 according to WordPress.org. That’s four times the entire population of Brazil in 2014. You can watch the numbers continue to grow in real time, too!
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP has been downloaded 1,671,796 times and counting as of January 2015, according to WordPress.org. It averages over 600 downloads per day.
  • Akismet is the most popular plug-in with 27,250,101 downloads as of January 2015 according to WordPress.org. Runners up include Contact Form 7, All in One SEO Pack, and Jetpack by WordPress.com.Numbers don’t lie—WordPress is taking the world by storm. Is it part of your online strategy? 
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