For those who want to control every small detail on their site, Wix is a very good option. We really like their designs and templates.

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    April 15 2016

User Experience

Wix is the real deal. They have figured out a way to allow control over the little things on a site, while still creating an easy “flowing” experience that is easy to learn. After setting up this site and seeing the work it can take with developers…

Wix is on the cutting edge. They make the difficult and  complex seem easy with their site builder.

Again, this is not to be underestimated. They got it right.

There are 10,000 ways to get it wrong. That is worth way more than $4/month.


Content Blocks make up pages and footers. There’s a huge amount of blocks to choose from— all of which are polished and fully featured. There’s even a handy search that lets you drill down quickly and find the block you’re looking for. Handy.


The Menu block is a great example of the care and polish Wix puts into blocks. To use it Wix invented a simple markup language (sounds more intimidating than it is) that lets you design stylish menus. It’s an elegant solution to a hard problem.


A great example of how Wix pays attention to details is with cropping images. Oftentimes photo galleries need to crop images to present them in a perfect grid. Most website builders crop the images automatically— but Wix gives you the option of setting a focal point on photos to crop around. It’s a small, easy to use feature that can really bring photo galleries to life.



Wix has the best blog of any website builder I’ve seen. Hands down. It supports a long list of blog features: tagging, categories, drafts, comments (with powerful moderation features), Disqus integration, customizable urls and more. And to top it all off the post editor is beautiful. Show Screenshot

Both are covered for mobile.

Solid option for E-commerce. Better options can be found with Shopify, though.

Yes, Retina Ready.


Themes are responsive across all devices we tested. They put alot of effort into making sure things work like they are supposed to. All builders will have a big or two. Wix is very stable and had only one bug we noticed. Iphone app was a little slow.


Incredibly easy to use. Styling with Wix is very easy to understand.

We like that.


Themes are very 2016. Very artistic options and simple ones too.

They get the needs of someone designing for summer 2016


Good Billing Practices

I was able to pay and cancel my Wix account with ease.

Customer Support

2hr 19min

Average customer support reply time.
(Industry average is 14 hours 25 minutes.)

Email Support

Hostt provides email support
(but not phone support).


For those who want to control every small detail on their site, Wix is a very good option. We really like their designs and templates.

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