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You’ve probably heard of Windows web hosting, which is basically a hosting background that works on the same server where you keep your content. However, does it really matter which operating system (OS) your web host is using, and should you match your own OS with your web hosts? Maybe you’re totally a Linux user, but a Windows-based web hosting company has piqued your interest. There are pros and cons to Windows for web hosting, and a lot of it comes down to personal preferences.

Is Windows your window to web hosting success? (Photo: Flickr, Fernando Gaebler).

Is Windows your window to web hosting success? (Photo: Flickr, Fernando Gaebler).

First, don’t get caught up in holiday sales from web hosting companies that sounds too good to be true—they might be, and the bottom line is only part of what you should be considering. Dig a little deeper. Asking yourself which OS your web host uses is a better starting point than debating freemium models vs. other options. Who your host is matters, and their OS can be a big factor when it comes to your website’s success.


On the Plus Side…

There are a lot of upsides to Windows hosting, such as consistency and flexibility. With Windows, a web host can host a number of sites using one tab. It’s an OS that also lets a server create sub-domains, which operate database-friendly websites, with ease. This means more server-segmented utilities on website, which is crucial for some websites and businesses.

You know there are many “types” of hosting, and the type of OS used should be part of your consideration. With Windows, you get .net Framework, which is fantastic if you’re using Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Language, and .Net yourself.  These three components make your site faster and simpler to use. Ultimately, this means your visitors have a better experience.

Anyone learning how to make websites are usually familiar with Windows OS. You don’t need to learn a new computer language to manage websites, and this ease is a huge perk for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Windows hosting is compatible with a slew of computer applications, too. Get data from any SQL program or Microsoft Access’ database and easily integrate it into a website via Windows developer tools. Obviously, Windows-based applications are also easier with a Windows platform, especially if you use Visual Interdev features, too.


On the Other Hand…

Windows web hosting isn’t perfect—there are limitations. For example, Windows servers usually cost more than others (but then again, you get what you pay for). Windows hosting isn’t software that’s free licensed, so obviously there’s a cost. In terms of security, it’s average and you could find better. Server malfunction can happen, which may leave to slower operation and malware/virus attacks. However, no other OS can guarantee security 100 percent of the time either.

If the Windows web server is used for a long time, rebooting is necessary in order to keep speed up to snuff. Basically, it’s not flawless, but it’s pretty dang close. Is Windows web hosting for you? Maybe—but make sure you still do your own research first. 

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