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We have talked about quite a few things that can help your website on this site.  It is important to note that this list is absolutely infinite.  And without patting myself on the back too much, or giving myself too much credit, it has come on my shoulders to be able to focus on the stuff that is the most important!  Go figure. Some days, I feel like the blind leading the blind.  Other days, I feel like I am on fire with good ideas.  I am sure you are all the same way.  Today, I am having a day just like that.  Outlines are for sure one of the best things you can do when creating content for your website.  Lets take a look at why this organizational concept is so important when it comes to how long people are staying on your website.

Outlines really smooth out your writing process.  They help out with what is really a unique skill, and when we come up short with this specific skill set, an outline makes up the difference. When you are having a mental block, an outline really help you stay on task with your writing, and also helps keep the quality of the content up, simply because as you write and create content, you are not straying from the points that were important for you to hit.  This is before they get to the overall inspiration for your work.  It makes it a lot easier to get content up for your site if you have sat down and thought out some key points that are very important for your target market to know.  For example, in the Data Center series or the Hosting platform series, it is easy to tell that I used an outline, because all of the information flowed exactly as it was supposed to.

….Whiiiiiich leads me to my next point.  When you use an outline for your content, you will increase the ease in reading the content for the end user.  People like to have some sort of structure, and they like to have their chapters not jump around, so to speak.  When you use an outline, you will be able to hit key points in an order that makes sense to our mind.  This is similar to a musician that is writing a piece of music.  Typically, there is a baseline note that a song works around, and whenever they leave this, there must always be a resolution.  If not, you leave the audience feeling like they heard a joke minus the punch line.  The same is true for the content on your website.  Don’t make them jump around to get the point of what you are posting.  Use an outline to keep your content organized and in a consistent manner, and you will increase both your visitors’ time on the site and your hits to the site.

Incorporate these outlines, and you will see your audience focus more on the content, and you will end up providing better content to them. Win-win!

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