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Unless you did some serious research when choosing your web host (and it was recent!) you can probably guess that there’s a better match out there for you. The “other” host might offer more options, more flexibility, lower rates, better service, faster speeds, and more. However, the thought of comparison shopping is about as appealing as reading Foucault for fun. Most website owners do minimal research when choosing a web host—and then stick with that host forever.

Unless something major happens, such as a data breach that directly impacts you, you’ll likely stay with your current host until the end of time. That’s a bad move for more reasons than you think. A shoddy web host is negatively dictating your site visitor’s experience, but your visitors don’t know that. They blame you for security breaches, slow load times, and other poor experiences.

Fortunately, changing web hosts is much easier than most people think. Here are the top reasons why we put it off, and why those excuses don’t pass muster.

  1. It’s too confusing. It certainly can be, especially when you’re talking with a web host or checking out their site which is intentionally full of jargon. Some web hosts bank on the fact that this is a niche industry few outside of it understand. That way, they can talk circles around you and bully you into the wrong plans and the wrong prices. A great web host will speak in laymen’s terms in a no pressure environment.
  1. We don’t want to pay more. Why would you switch hosts if your current one is free? Well, sometimes you get what you pay for. Perhaps your site was a great match for free hosting when it started out. However, now that you’re monetizing that blog or business is growing, you need more than what free can offer. Fortunately, unless you get into dedicated hosting territory, web hosting is very affordable (think under $20 per month).
  1. We don’t want to be “sold to.” Good hosts don’t do this, and that’s why it’s a positive sign if they don’t pressure you into signing a contract. They should understand that you want to shop around and get clarification—in fact, they should encourage it. If you sense you’ve wandered into a shark zone, get out immediately. You don’t want to depend on a salesperson instead of a techie down the road.
  1. It takes too long. The actual act of switching hosts takes less than 48 hours, and your website won’t be disrupted during this time. If you get unmanaged hosting, you’ll need the tech prowess to do this yourself. However, many people opt for managed hosting (for a cost that isn’t that much higher) and your host will take care of the switch for you. They’re like your own personal assistant.

If you’ve been putting off web hosting, you might be missing out on products like virtual private server/VPS hosting and a local host you fully trust.


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