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Around the globe, web hosts aren’t just offering virtual private server (VPS) hosting more often, they’re also lowering the prices. African web host Isoho.st made headlines when there were drastic changes made to their lineup. Specifically, the cost of VPS was dropped dramatically, RAM can be added to existing packages, and there are no contracts required. Adding RAM is free and month to month contracts give customers much more flexibility and options.

Has your host been slashing prices?

Has your host been slashing prices?

Isoho.st says their main motivator was to remain competitive in the South African market, where (just like everywhere else in the world), more and more web hosts are popping up at alarming rates. Simultaneously, website owners are getting to know the benefits of going with a local provider. Isoho.st wants to be the premier VPS host in South Africa, and that demands lower costs, more options, and better service.

What This Means for Customers

No matter where you live or host your site, you can enjoy more hosts offering VPS for lower and lower rates. In some rare instance, VPS may even be available for free. However, don’t go with price alone. Check the guaranteed uptime rates, customer service quality, and scalability. For many, lack of a contract is crucial. Also, it may be important for you to connect with customer service on a specific platform, such as video chat.

Having more hosts competing for your business means you’ll get lower rates and hopefully better service. It also means you may need to do a lot more research and dig through more information to find the best host for you. If you want to go local (a wise choice) that automatically narrows your choices down. Check reviews and testimonials from third party sites to get a better view of how a host operates.

What This Means for New Web Hosts

If you’re thinking about opening a web hosting business, you’re in good company. It’s one of the hottest tech industries around, and requires very little capital to get started. Keep in mind that even though you have a lot of competition, few hosts ever made their profits from shared hosting plans. This goes for VPS too, although it did enjoy a short heyday a few years ago when you could charge customers steeply for VPS.

Instead, focus on where you can really make money, whether it’s all about managed dedicated servers or (more realistically) affiliate marketing, PPC ads, and the like. VPS hosting is a great way to lure in more customers, especially now when not all hosts offer it. This can help you establish your reputation and build your brand. We’re inching towards an era where having VPS will be a given, not an exception, so don’t delay.

Whether you’re a customer, wannabe web host, or simply want to know more about the industry, keep an eye on VPS and how in demand it’s become. It’s the new basic shared plan, pushing old school basic plans to the wayside.


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