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We live in a time where more people have visited sites in the last month on their smartphones than they have on their desktops.  Now that we have keyboard-integrated tablets, there really is no knowing where this metric is going to go.  One thing for certain is, that we are going to have mobile traffic here to stay.  Think about this- for roughly 23 hours in your day, you have your mobile phone within arm’s reach.  This makes me a little confused as to why more people have not designed a mobile website for their company or brand.  When there are 1.3 billion people every day on planet earth accessing the internet through their phone, it is time to lift your head up a little bit and pay attention.

If you are out with your wife on a date and are wondering aloud where you should get dinner(because I KNOW you did not plan this beforehand), what is the very first thing you are going to do?  You are going to grab your smart phone and ask either Siri or Google where you should go eat.  Lets say that there is a good little mexican joint that has the best food in town, and you don’t know about it yet. You may make your decision, for better or for worse, simply because that restaurant has terrible mobile-resolution photos of their carne asada, and no mobile web optimization.  It doesn’t look SEXY enough for you.  Yes, I am being direct here, but it is because it is an obvious trait, and one that we have all done. If you want to get business in your local area, then get your website optimized for mobile.  The yellow pages are out, and mobile device searches are on the in.  Get with the program and get some of that cash.

If you want to increase sales, this is another way to go.  I can honestly say that I have not purchased a single thing online from my laptop in probably months.  I have, on the other hand, likely purchased two dozen items in the last three months from my phone, be it from the retailer directly or from Amazon(who has a fantastic mobile site, might I add!).

The other huge perk to designing a mobile-friendly site is that you will NOT be redesigning it over and over again.  In fact, the maintenance on a mobile site is actually far easier than for a full web page.  Additionally, hosting cost is typically less simply because you are not going to be transmitting nearly as much data to a handheld devise as you would a laptop or desktop viewer.

If you are going to get a mobile site up and running, make sure that you are not pitching a terrible site out there.  A bad mobile site is many times even worse than a bad desktop site, in that users are far less likely to navigate as much as they would on a desktop, and they want fast load times.  If you want a mobile site, make sure that you host it in a good place, and that you don’t skip the design element.

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