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When it comes to “your” web host, hopefully that term is used as a collective. If you really are just depending on a single person operating out of their basement, well, they can’t give you, your website, and/or your business the attention you need. Still, you might be curious what the daily tasks look like for the average web host—or better yet, a great host! For starters, they’re hopefully always researching better tools, products, and services to offer you. If they’re on top of that task, they probably offer virtual private server/VPS hosting as well as basic shared plans.

Let’s be honest: They’re also likely doing some outreach, marketing, and sales on a continual basis. There are many ways hosts make money, from domain registrations to PPC ads. For many, the actual web hosting aspect isn’t the money maker (which is why you can get hosting for free or at a very low cost). Still, they need to prioritize their hosting prowess if they want to lure you in and keep you.

The Daily Grind

Hosts are likely doing maintenance and/or upgrades on a regular basis. This is to ensure the best in safety and service for their customers. There are thousands of data breaches every year that don’t make the news. Many of these breaches don’t really impact the customer (you). However, it lets the host know that there’s a flaw in their security that needs to be addressed. Routinely changing passwords, making passwords more secure, and upgrading firewalls are just a few ways hosts optimize security.

They might also be tackling hardware issues. Physical servers do a massive job, and can get overworked if not well cared for. Your web host needs to make sure the servers and all related hardware are functioning at top capacity. This takes daily checks, which can be very cumbersome if your host is big enough to warrant their own dedicated data center.

Custom Service

A huge part of your host’s day is eaten up with customer service. They’re answering calls, explaining the services offered, helping clients work through problems (that often aren’t caused by the host at all!), and dealing with comparison shoppers. However, without clients their business wouldn’t exist—smart hosts know this. Customer service is usually a big part of any job or business, and hosts aren’t exempt. Hopefully they hire savvy CS agents who are well trained and know how to provide top notch service.

Your host might also be checking out the competition and seeing who they need to keep pace with. This is a very competitive industry, and clients aren’t very loyal (on the plus side for hosts, clients can also be lazy and it takes a lot for someone to actively seek out a new host!). Your web host needs to find their niche and cater to it, but that niche is always evolving.

As you can see, your web host certainly has a full plate. They need to balance it perfectly to be the right provider for you.

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