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There are many things that make for a good startup company.  For some companies, this would include making sure you are doing all the research your should be on your PPC campaigns.  For most companies, this typically will include making sure you are providing excellent customer service.  While there are many things that a fantastic startup does when they are making a successful business even better than it currently is, there are some basic attitudes that every good startup is going to have, with very few exceptions.  These are not the type of things that every good business SHOULD have, or things that most strive for…no, these are things that if not done, will mean the end of the business in short order.  You may think this would be a simple list that everyone does, but in reality many forget this, and it ends up being their downfall.

One of the biggest things that I see new businesses do wrong(and this goes especially for online businesses!), is forgetting completely all of their good business habits slowly over time.  Good business habits are some of the things you may think of first when you think of good business habits.  They may include organization, risk management, business plan development, attention to detail, and follow through on commitments. If you are a manager, owner, CEO, or other leader in your business, and you are not leading by example with the successful business habits that breed growth, then the employees in the company will grasp onto this lack of direction and attitude and have a great idea of the company’s direction- nowhere.

Productivity and time management are another few items that are absolutely necessary to any business’s growth model.  We only have so many hours in the day, and we need to make sure that every single one of them that we are committing to our startup is used wisely.  If your employees are not taught from the top that productivity in the day is key, then you can expect them to start wasting more and more time during the day.  Of course, nobody likes to be a taskmaster and whip the employees into a frenzy six times a day, but if you can set an example that every hour that is spent working is a QUALITY hour, then the quantities will start to add up on their own.  While work should be a good environment, it should also be a place where everyone is there to work, not play.

Being able to sting this together into a good office environment for the new business is integral to the success of the new startup.  If your habits that made your brand new company get legs under it and experience its first bit of success go by the wayside, then you will start to see the progress of your company go as well.  Make sure you stick to the basics, and you will see the company keep growing as you initially set out to make happen.

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