Weebly Review

Weebly Review  

Weebly easily outscored the other builders. The user experience is very good and the design options are very 2016. Highly recommended.

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    April 15 2016

User Experience

We had many high-expectations from Weebly, especially after reading many of its reviews. The site met each one of them. Weebly is exactly how a website builder should be. There is no learning curve, and you will have your website up and running within no time.

The interface is incredibly user-friendly, enabling small-business owners and individuals who have no coding or website designing experience to create something  unique and different. We also noticed that Weebly is a great option for advanced users. The platform offers a healthy range of cutting-edge features that enhance the overall usability and functionality of a site.

Weebly’s Website Editor

Probably one of the most amazing features of Weebly is that it enables owners and individuals to create sites by dropping images, text, media, and other elements into your pages. These elements are fully featured, thoughtfully designed, and can be re-arranged or dragged into rows and columns (after which they are automatically snapped into place – giving your site a professional and intuitive look). Therefore, nothing ever feels incomplete when using Weebly and that is definitely one of its best selling points.

Intuitive Interface

Another amazing feature of Weebly is that its interface always seems to be so thoughtful and polished. Everything you need can be made available with a few clicks here and there. In addition, when working on certain elements, nothing looks cramped up or messy.

For instance, when working on form builders, the website will automatically dim slightly and spotlight the element. This allows you to focus on what you need to do, minus the distraction of looking at other features. It is a small touch, but clever.

Another Example:

Depending on what you are working on, parts of the interface will also consistently slide in and out, without being too irritating. This takes away the superfluous or unnecessary features you do not want to use, leaving you only with what is vital.

For instance, when you perform editing on the background of your theme, the sidebar automatically slides away. This enables you to focus on the task. Again, this feature is small, but it really boosts the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the site.

When you compare this to other sites like 3dCart, you will notice that the site does not get cramped up with unnecessary toolbars or features that do not really have any use.

App Center

Recently, Weebly also launched an App Center (similar to Shopify). This new feature allows individuals and small-business owners to install custom applications for adding new elements on their websites.

For instance, Simple Chat enables you to add a live chat window, making it easier to solve and answer customer queries instantaneously. The Shippo app lets you create shipping labels for your Weebly store and the Simple Table gives you a table element.

All of these apps allow you to make your site more user-friendly and intuitive, while providing you the opportunity to add more advanced feature if you like.

Layouts for Pages

Another new feature offered by Weebly is the “Layouts for Pages”. The site typically contains 34 layouts of portfolio, about, and contact pages, etc. This makes it easier to come up with content that matches the layout you choose. Many may argue that 34 layouts is not a lot of options, but Weebly has plans on adding more user-friendly and intuitive layouts.

Features Information

    • Audio Player – A basic audio player with two skins (light and dark). No support for playlists.


    • Retina Ready – Images appear clear and sharp on all smartphone, laptop, and tablet devices.


    • Donations – A DonorBox app lets you collect donor information, set suggested amounts, and accept recurring donations.


    • Restaurant Menu – You can create restaurant menus in Weebly via menu page layouts or by using, an application from the App Center called ‘Open Menu’.


    • Multi-lingual – Weebly can be used in more than 10 languages, aside from English.


    • Membership System – Builders can also design membership websites with helpful features like email customization, groups, and chats.


    • Newsletter – You can sign up to receive newsletters from Weebly. You can also use their new email marketing service Promote (for $8 per month to write newsletters and promote)


    • IOS & Android Apps – Weebly has its own App Center, which has plenty of amazing Apple Watch, iPad, Android, and iPhone Apps.


  • Blog – You can create or add posts by dragging or dropping elements and can create an RSS feed, categories, etc.


The themes offered on Weebly are modern, stylish, and most importantly FREE. We would like Weebly to offer more themes as a whole, but at least the ones available are responsive (optimized for tablets and smartphones).You even have the option of choosing layouts for your about us or contact pages. The templates can also be edited via the source code. Stylish customization has also improved over the past few years and now changing the style, font-family, line height, color, and font-size is easier than ever.


Pricing and Billing Practices

Thousands of Weebly users do not pay a cent to use the service and usually go for the freemium plan. However, there are limitations to this plan as well. Of course, you can create an unlimited number of Web Pages, but all of them will have a branding of Weebly somewhere or the other.

If you want to get rid of that branding and leverage the best features of Weebly, there are three additional plans: starter for $8 per month, Pro for $12 per month, and Business for $25 per month. Choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

Weebly Ease of Use

Many would fear with all the features offered by Weebly, using the site might get complicated. However, there is no such issue. The Weebly editor is arguably the easiest-to-use tool of its kind and the Weebly Builder is straightforward. Therefore, it will only take you a few minutes to set up and get a hand of the drag-and-drop builder site. It is impossible to mess anything up when using Weebly.

Customer Support

If you ever need help or support for your website, you can simply contact Weebly’s friendly customer support representatives via chat, telephone, or email. Other support alternatives include perusing through support forums, tutorials, or blogs or submitting a help ticket via a form on the site.


We have been following Weebly’s progress for quite some time now. In the beginning, it was just another website builder, but not the site is well thought out with a long-list of features. This makes it perfect for building websites with no technical skills required.


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