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Choosing a virtual private server/VPS hosting has two major advantages: Site speed and security. When it comes to security, you don’t need to be a financial institution to have it as a priority. Once you know just how common breaches are, you’ll be scrambling to make security one of the biggest tasks at hand. For example, 61 percent of all “serious vulnerabilities” are resolved. That’s great, but what about the other 39 percent? In 2012, it was found that 86 percent of websites had at least one serious vulnerability—which is a lot higher than most people suspect!

The average number of serious vulnerabilities per website is 56, and it takes an average of 193 days to resolve each one. Information leakage is the most common type of vulnerability at 55 percent, but cross-type scripting is the most common kind of serious vulnerability. IT websites have the most vulnerabilities on average at 114, but every single industry is rich with problems. Clearly, something needs to be done.

Safe and Sound? 

According to WhiteHat Security, which undertook their own study, they found that the most common types of website for attacks are actually retail (not IT). They also list insurance, financial services, education, and telecommunication websites as very vulnerable. After cross-site scripting, the next most popular serious vulnerabilities are content spoofing, insufficient authorization, and SQL injection. With VPS hosting, security is dramatically improved and it’s one of the easiest ways to optimize security.

On average, a site is being exposed to a serious risk 24 percent of the time. These threats range from denial of service requests to abuse of functionality and administration error. Stolen credentials, banking Trojans, and DNS hijacking are also popular.

Protecting Your Site and Customers

According to Upgrade Magazine, people are most concerned about online banking fraud at 59 percent. Only 57 percent of bank customers think their bank has done “enough” to keep customers protected. An astonishing 45 percent assume that if money was lost from an error or hijacking, it would be easy and hassle-free to get their bank to refund the money. A lot of trust is put into websites, especially those of financial institutions, and if you don’t meet your customers’ expectations then the fallout can be even worse.

Now that we live in a mobile world, where the majority of people use mobile devices rather than desktops, threats have become even higher tech. Smartphone shoppers are more likely to use their phones for comparison shopping, which means they’re browsing numerous sites that might not be safe. They’re comparing products, reading reviews, buying music, perusing catalogues, and buying tickets.

Having a mobile version of your site, an app, and VPS hosting can all help your mobile users with security. It’s the golden trifecta, but don’t forget about all your users. Security threats are running rampant, and oftentimes they’re so advanced that it can take a long time to pinpoint them. Take preventative measures today and avoid huge headaches tomorrow.

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