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Obviously, the faster the website the better. And there are studies and analytics to back up that statement. Kissmetrics recently gathered the big data about website speed, and once you know the facts and figures you’ll be racing to speed things up. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this—starting with upgrading to virtual private server/VPS hosting instead of a basic shared plan.

When a website takes four seconds to load, page abandonment goes up 25 percent. Mobile users expect their devices to work just as well, and as quickly, as their desktop. In fact, 12 percent of people expect their mobile devices to be faster. However, that’s not how mobile works. It’s often slower!

Three percent of people say they’d wait no more than three seconds for a page to load before abandoning it. The majority, 30 percent, said they’d wait 6-10 seconds before abandonment. A whopping 20 percent said they’d wait 20 seconds, but patience has its limits. They’d likely move onto another, shorter window eventually.


According to Kissmetrics, 52 percent of people say that the speed a page loads plays a big role in how loyal they are to that site/company. Three seconds of waiting, which is one second longer than the “standard” two seconds, decreases customer satisfaction by 16 percent. If an e-tailer is making $100,000 per business day, a one second delay leads to losing $2.5 million in profits each year.

If a customer has a bad experience with a website, including a slow site, 44 percent are likely to tell their friends about it—and word of mouth, for better or worse, remains one of the biggest influencers. Another 79 percent say that if they’re unhappy with a website’s performance, they probably won’t shop there again.

A one second delay will also cause a seven percent reduction in site conversion, which is the critical turning point (or not!) for many e-commerce sites. Every second counts, and remember that your customers and visitors don’t necessarily know that a speed issue isn’t your fault. Your site, your problem.

A Speedy Recovery 

Your web host plays a big role in the speed of your website. Getting VPS is a great move, but so is making sure you have a web host who puts the customer (you!) first. You can also speed things up via your website designer by reducing pop-ups, oversized images, flash animation, and others bells and whistles you don’t need. Bear in mind that just because a site looks fast to you, your customers have all types of browsers and devices they’re using and it may not be fast to them.

Site speed is also critical for search engine optimization (SEO). If an algorithm decides that your site is slow, you can get knocked down the SERP rankings, ultimately getting buried and losing customers. Prioritize speed, and you’ll quickly see the benefits. It’s easy and offers a great ROI, which fits in perfectly with every business plan.

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