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You’ve heard all the tips on how to choose a web host in North America, but have you ever wondered if the best practices are shared around the world? Does everyone recommend virtual private hosting over basic, and are the prices comparable abroad? What about checking for uptime or going with a local company? IT World Africa recently released best tips for African businesses when choosing a web host, critical now that globalized businesses and startups are increasing in every part of the world. The article points out that it’s pretty tough for clients to find out more about your business when they can’t easily read your blog posts or if the site is down.


Reliability, speed, and uptime are just as critical for IT pros and businesses in Africa as they are here. In fact, it’s the number one issue the article highlights. It’s noted that many business owners are focusing on great content, which is important, but forget about the necessity of a fantastic web host. “They do not evaluate their needs properly and usually end up with a wrong choice.”


Top of the Heap


The second most critical aspect of any website is search engine optimization, though SEO isn’t directly mentioned. Instead, the article urges website owners to make sure they can be easily found online via high ranking on search engines. “This is the main goal of content marketing,” points out the article. However, if a search engine is ranking your site and it’s down, that will count against you. A good host can help keep your site secure and can also improve SEO.


The importance of 24 hour support and tech support from a web host is also highlighted. However, it’s admitted that finding the perfect host can be challenging. In Africa, most companies guarantee more than 99 percent uptime with supportive staff and “unlimited resources,” but they may not deliver. Instead, the promises are sheathed in jargon designed to confuse.


The Best Things in Life are Free


Price comes in as the top concern when choosing a web host, but it shouldn’t be the only factor. Don’t go cheap, urges the article. If the goal is to make money from your site, which it usually is even if you’re not an e-commerce business, make sure a web host can give you the features and support you need. Check to see if the web host offers a variety of plans and has a solution that can aid in your business growth.


The tech specs of a host are also important, but it can seem overwhelming for non-techies. You have different needs if you simply want to host a blog compared to an enterprise that needs video content. Make sure you have enough disk space and RAM to deliver the content you need. This brings up another factor: tech support. A live person around the clock is a must, and checking reputations is paramount.


It’s no surprise that in a global marketplace, what we look for in a host is similar around the world. Know what kind of hardware a host offers, because it’s just as important as the service—and quality hardware benefits will trickle down to you.


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