One of the best ways to gauge the quality of any business is by considering third party perspectives. In the world of web hosting, Web Hosting Review Board offers unbiased input on the industry, many of the key players and helps to keep website owners informed about upcoming changes. Now that Google has announced major changes to their search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm for April 21, website owners are scrambling to abide by the new rules. Google is changing the mobile readiness game, virtually requiring web designers to ensure sites are mobile ready.

To help with the transition, the Web Hosting Review Board is offering complimentary tools to increase mobile readiness. It is expected that penalties will start flying come April 21 as Google finds a number of websites that are not mobile ready. However, there is more than one way to increase mobile readiness. Site speed alone plays a factor, particularly since mobile users want and need instant gratification. A web host plays a role in website speed, and customers should make sure their web host has speed as a priority.

Help is Available

According to Sandra Goh, a representative of the Web Hosting Review Board, “Far from being a settled matter, responsive, mobile-friendly website design becomes more important with every passing day. Whether in order to live up to Google’s new requirements or simply offer a better experience to mobile visitors, every website owner needs to pay attention. We’re proud to be setting a strong example with our just-completed website redesign and happy to be able to offer a range of free tools that will help others with their own projects.” Considering that mobile usage takes up 33 percent of online browsing on a global scale, website owners can only expect mobile demands to increase.

Statista researchers say that by 2016’s end, mobile devices will account for the majority of all browsing. Such a trend is dictating the moves of website designers and owners. Plus, with Google promising “harsh” penalties for non-mobile ready sites, but only giving two months warning, people are hustling to try to appease the search engine giant in time.

Branching Out

Although Web Hosting Review Board was originally created to offer data and reviews of web hosts, their services have expanded—kind of like the web hosts they cover. The popular site commissioned a website redesign in order to get mobile ready before the April 21 deadline. It now features responsive design and refreshed content that makes it easy to peruse on any device (mobile or not).

However, the site has not forgotten its roots and continues to offer comprehensive information about a number of web hosts and hosting options. “With an unrivaled collection of in-depth, objective hosting reviews and a rich array of valuable website design tools,” it remains one of the most visited resources for web hosting queries and is now raking in the organic traffic for the free mobile readiness tools. Education and action go hand in hand, and just in time to make Google happy.



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