Is your web host an award winner? It’s great for PR and marketing, but the reality is that—with thousands of hosts out there—an award doesn’t guarantee the best in service, quality or anything else. Many awards require nominations (sometimes self-nominations) and there are many web hosts who might not have the time to chase accolades. However, that doesn’t mean awards don’t mean anything at all. It’s all about balance, and for some people (companies and customers alike), having an award adds an added boost of trust. Just make sure you check out what the award is for, who granted it and what the nomination and judging process included. There are some awards, in any industry, that are more of a “let’s all pat ourselves on the back” strategy than a genuine, deserved recognition.

That being said, there are certainly some web hosting-based awards worth bragging about. Here are some of the top ranked web hosting based awards in the industry, complete with the clout and reputation that should be demanded of such an honor. Check out the niche awards they hand out and what the requirements are in order to be a candidate. Your web host doesn’t need to rack up trophies in order to be top dog, but a blue ribbon or two can certainly catch your eye:

  • Web Hosting Geeks: These awards are given out annually to web hosts who “have proven themselves to be delivering exceptional service.” The great thing about these awards is that they’re service-based, which is what’s missing from too many web hosts. The categories include Best Budget Hosting, Best Business Hosting, Best eCommerce Hosting and Best Green Hosting, to name just a few.
  • Host Review’s Monthly Web Hosting Awards: Awards that are given out on a monthly basis? It actually makes quite a bit of sense considering how many new web hosts pop up regularly and how quickly things can change. These categories include Best Web Hosting Company, Best Affordable Hosting, Best Dedicated Server, Best VPS Hosting, Best Managed Hosting, Best Cloud Computing Services and Fastest Growing Company.
  • PC Magazine’s Business Choice Awards: This isn’t a strictly web hosting-based awards program, but web hosting is one of the categories. Even non-techies have heard of PC Magazine, a leader in the industry, and their opinion counts for a lot. Their Web Hosting Award goes to a company that excels in “technical support, overall satisfaction, and the likelihood to recommend the solution to a colleague.”
  • com’s Editor’s Choice Award: An unbiased third party site that helps connect customers with web hosts is in a fine place to host an awards program. The editor’s reviews, as well as customer’s reviews, are considered and web hosts are ranked based on “network speed, network reliability, network connectivity, customer feedback, customer support, and quality of online assistance resources.”
  • Netcraft’s Awards Program: Netcraft is also a third party site that offers uptime verification The award is granted to web hosts who achieve “most reliable web host” status while the company analyzes response times of hosting service providers.
  • com’s Monthly Award: This site closely monitors web hosts based on popularity—which means the winners change at lightning speed. Popularity matters a little, but keep in mind that a solid marketing campaign can lead to false results.

Is your web host an award winner? Maybe they are—or maybe they should be. Don’t let accolades dictate who you choose as your host. Instead, do your own due diligence and talk with representatives to find the right fit for you.



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