If you haven’t heard of Dropmysite yet—and you have any kind of connection with the web hosting industry—you likely will soon. It’s a premium email, mobile and website backup purchase that’s partnering up with web hosts at lightning speed. Already, it’s collaborating with Europlanet, ReadySpace and WinHost while likely wooing many others. Each of these web hosts are regional, and so far Dropmysite hasn’t successfully courted any of the big players, but that doesn’t mean much. There are thousands of web hosts, many of them high quality small businesses and startups, so Dropmysite certainly doesn’t have any lack of potential partners.

It’s also clear that Dropmysite doesn’t play favorites when it comes to location. ReadySpace is out of Asia Pacific, Winhost is from Pasadena, and Europlanet hails from Greece. As of early 2015, these three hosts are offering up the automated backup service along with traditional hosting services. However, does a one stop shopping strategy really benefit consumers? Or is this kind of catch-all approach potentially leading to being a jack of all trades/master of none—which is exactly what smaller web hosts were trying to get away from?

“Drop” it like it’s…

What exactly are the benefits of offering backup services alongside hosting? According to the COO of Dropmysite, Ridley Ruth, “Web hosting providers are recognizing the strategic importance of offering a comprehensive and full automated website and database backup service to their customers. They see that standard backup solutions are not sufficient given today’s vulnerabilities. Automation of recovery is key to bringing customers’ data back online quickly. These new partners are a testament to the capability our infrastructure has to deliver our comprehensive services worldwide and to a wide variety of webhosting platforms.”

Offering such a service that’s managed by a company which exclusively focuses on backups, while allowing web hosts to continue doing their own thing, is perhaps a better approach than a single company trying to do it all. Plus, the three latest hosts are just the most recent to adopt Dropmysite, as there are many others who signed on back in 2014. Dropmysite offers a variety of ways for hosts to offer their services, from cPanel within Web Host Manager Complete Solutions to adding the feature to web applications. There’s also the option to offer API integration just for Microsoft developers within the US.

Making it Easy for Everyone

One of the web hosts reveals that Dropmysite integration is easy and the product offerings are straightforward. It’s just a way to “add another incremental source of revenue to our business,” says one web hosting partner. “Our customers who are running their important application in our servers will need data protection eventually. We have just made it easier by working with Dropmysite which is done in a few clicks.”

The official Dropmysite Partner Program makes available a co-branded or white label option, which means reselling is simple and integration via the cloud for backup is a breeze. It doesn’t matter what type of system or process a host has, because Dropmysite offers plug-ins, tools and a plethora of APIs (plus email/phone support) to make things as simple as can be.

If you’re a web host, would you considering partnering up or do you think things would get too messy?

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