In December 2014, The Pirate Bay was closed by the police in Sweden, much to the lament of pirates around the globe. However, it didn’t take long for peg legs to figure out a way around this issue—all you need is a smidge of tech know-how and web hosting, and you can set sails once again looking for buried treasure (like that Nick Jonas album for downloading). There’s a catch, though: You need to be in a country where it’s legal to host The Pirate Bay. It’s not just the country where your host is that matters sometimes, but also where you’re located.

"I am Pirate Bay!" (Photo: Flickr, Travis Sawyer).

“I am Pirate Bay!” (Photo: Flickr, Travis Sawyer).

The Pirate Bay’s successor is The Open Bay, and all you need to do is download a few Github files and run setup wizard. You can also choose to download whole torrent databases from IsoHunt, The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents while you’re at it. Plus, if you’re worried about upsetting the now defunct The Pirate Bay team, don’t—they’ve said they want to be cloned and hope their pirate ways continue to blossom.

Granted, The Pirate Bay (and now The Open Bay) might not help you stay on track while at work, but it remains a fantastic way to stay entertained.


Pirates Can’t be Stopped 

It was (relatively) easy for Swedish Police to shut down The Pirate Bay since it was just once “Bay”. However, the original team says they envision loads of Pirate Bays, making it impossible to close them all. The team says, “It would be amazing if, like in the classic movie Spartacus, everyone could stand up and say ‘I am The Pirate Bay’.” There’s power in numbers, especially when those numbers are made up of pirates, and 2015 might just be the Year of the Pirates.

Basically, The Open Bay is identical to the original The Pirate Bay, and IsoHunt (who’s making headlines at breakneck speed) was at the helm of bringing these new Bays to reality. Currently, the Github database is around eight million for BitTorrent magnet links, and uploading all these files to web hosting is pretty easy. Thus far, IsoHunt hasn’t said whether or not routine databases updates will be available. It might be a one and done deal. However, do bear in mind that torrent file hosting is illegal in some countries—it’s up to you to keep things legit.


Source Code Simplicity 

A few people have already joined the pirate movement, and it’s been reported that the search engine is very simple. There’s no way to upload new torrents, comment, or create accounts. The original Pirate Bay upload descriptions aren’t available as of January 2, either. In short, the database is a file dump filled with magnet links. However, there’s another database out there brimming with Pirate Bay descriptions, but that’s something the very committed will need to source for themselves.

However, the big question at hand is whether or not tons of Pirate Bay clones is a good or bad thing. There’s a plethora of torrent sites available, and there’s no way they’ll all be shut down at once (or ever). Clone sites that don’t offer uploads or comments, and probably won’t be regularly updated, might be more trouble than they’re worth. It might lead to tough to find high quality torrents. Ideally, new sites can pop up quickly, and a Spartacus scene might be goosebump-inducing, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to the best results.

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