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It’s not too late to add virtual private server/VPS hosting to your holiday wish list! In fact, even if you’re switching hosts to get the best possible VPS package for your needs, it takes less than 48 hours. Changing hosts requires a little overlap, and there will be a short window where you’ll technically have two hosts—but don’t worry. Your website visitors and customers will be undisturbed, which is critical during these last minute shopping days. On the front end, all will appear normal. Only you will know, and be updated, about the progress as you upgrade.

It’s also prime time to get those last minute holiday prices secured. However, if you go with a reputable host, you’ll be enjoying the best possible deals and savings on VPS hosting year-round. Unlike previous years, VPS is now on par with basic shared hosting price points. As technology advances, the cost of established hardware and software decreases. Remember the cost of the first computers? Nobody could afford them, and now many typical American households have multiple computers.

Ring in the New Year the Right Way 

During Christmas week, many business owners (and that goes for website owners, too) are already checked out. Whether you’re traveling or not, take advantage of this rare “quiet time.” The exception, of course, is for e-tailers who are basking in those last few days of hungry online shoppers. However, you’re probably not getting demands from your vendors, so it’s the perfect time for an upgrade. Not only do you have a lighter load than usual, but so do various web hosts. Plus, your own last minute shoppers can benefit from added speed and security.

Treating yourself and your business during the holidays is one of the many perks of being a business owner. Once January rolls around, you’ll be caught in new activities and priorities. Set yourself up for a solid 2016 by switching to this hosting package now. VPS hosting offers agility and scalability, both of which are critical for business growth. It’s one less thing to worry about, and will make no dent in your budget so you can still tighten that proverbial business belt if that’s a goal for the next quarter.

Instant Delivery 

Many website owners need to (or want to!) switch hosts when upgrading to VPS. It’s not a common offering amongst the thousands of web hosts in North America. However, if you go with a managed hosting option, you won’t be the one dealing with the red tape. Instead, your new host should be happy to get your website transferred flawlessly with zero hiccups. This is their first chance to prove their professionalism and expertise to you, so they won’t want to muck it up.

Use this time to gauge the speed, professionalism, and communication of a potential new web host. The fact that it’s the holidays and everyone is on high stress alert is in your favor—if they can deliver right now, just imagine what they can offer during the regular season.

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