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Choosing a virtual private server (VPS) over shared basic hosting seems like a no-brainer. They’re almost the same price (and in some cases they are), but you get more control, better speeds and sometimes better customer service with VPS. So why did it take so long to catch on? Simple. VPS wasn’t always so affordable and accessible. In fact, there are many web hosts that still don’t offer VPS as an option. It took technology a while to catch up with what VPS was all about. Now that the playing field has been leveled between VPS and basic shared plans, the markets are catching up too.

However, it’s going to take much, much longer before VPS is considered the go-to option for any and all website owners. In fact, a lot of people outside the industry may not even be able to tell you what VPS is an acronym for. They can, however, probably loosely explain or intuit what “basic shared hosting” is. The word “basic” is also comforting for non-techies. It makes them think it’s easy, simple and affordable. While that may be the case, so is VPS. Is everybody missing out on the best hosting approach? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Spreading the Word

It’s up to web hosts to educate and inform their customers. Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done. Choosing a web host is seen as a chore by many. Oftentimes, when buying a domain, there’s an option to add on web hosting for no cost. A lot of customers won’t dig much deeper than that. They just want to get this chore taken care of, and if they can finish it in a few clicks with no research and virtually no cost, they’ll jump on it. There might be an option to upgrade to VPS, but when clients don’t know what that means, they’re unlikely to try and figure it out.

To make things even more difficult, it’s often not obvious what the pros and cons of basic shared hosting are. There might be so many clients on a shared server that it slows down websites, but who’s going to tell the website owners that? Unless they’re looking at speed, testing for it, and using their analytics, they may be kept in the dark. The downtime might be at 98 percent, but unless they’re getting complaints from visitors or notice the site is down themselves, that also might go undetected.

Being a Trendsetter

VPS is gaining momentum slowly but surely. Just like many other trends, word of mouth is critical. As people understand the benefits of VPS, they want to share their “find” with the world. As more web hosts bring on VPS as an option, it will also get more exposure. It’s likely that the price for VPS hosting will also continue to fall, or at least stabilize in instances where it’s already highly accessible.

Are you a trendsetter who’s already on the VPS bandwagon? If not, don’t worry—there’s still time to upgrade. Why pay the same price for less? For many website owners, it’s time to kick basic to the curb.



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