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Absolutely any industry can benefit from virtual private server/VPS hosting, but restaurants in particular! Surprisingly, the vast majority of small businesses in the US don’t have any online presence, and that can be especially true for small, mom and pop style restaurants. They might not have the knowledge, skills, or time to put together a website—and some people still think it’s too difficult or expensive. However, once a restaurant does have an online presence, it’s important that it’s a great one. VPS can help.

Restaurants are often very dynamic sites (or at least they should be!). If the menu changes often, you’ll need to keep it updated and perhaps in various sizes for printing, for those who have trouble reading the menu, or if you have a dynamic layout explaining terms used (particularly for non-American restaurants). You might also want to accept reservations online, send in special requests such as a birthday party reservation, or connect via a blog or social media link.

All of these actions require a safe and speedy website. If you have a lot of content, that can slow down a site that has a basic shared plan. If you’re taking credit card information for reservations, you just opened up an entirely new can of worms and absolutely have to make sure your customer’s credit cards are safe. VPS offers better security and faster speeds, both of which restaurants desperately need.

Getting Hungry?

Since many in the restaurant industry don’t moonlight in the tech world, that’s where a lot of confusion happens. If someone thinks a website 1) costs money and 2) is challenging, they probably don’t know much about web hosting. That’s okay—most people don’t! However, some shady web hosts use this to their advantage, not educating clients and purposefully using confusing jargon. It’s also why most web hosts in North America don’t offer VPS hosting. There’s nothing in it for them (besides happy customers). Given the competitive pricing, they have to charge about the same price for basic and VPS, so what’s in it for them to add VPS packages?

If you do find a host that offers VPS packages, chances are they’re more customer-centric. Restaurant owners can especially benefit because some VPS options come with premium customer service, such as a dedicated technician or a team just for you in case you have questions or need to scale up/down your services. A lot can change in the restaurant industry very quickly, and you need to be ready for anything including big website changes.

VPS for VIPs

Owning a restaurant is one of the riskiest types of business. You want to stack the odds in your favor whenever and wherever you can, and VPS is a great way of doing so. People tend to click away from sites that are slow or they don’t feel are safe. There are plenty of other restaurants offering safe, fast online reservations and you can’t count on loyalty alone to keep customers coming. You can, however, count on VPS to deliver the service your customers (and you!) deserve.

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