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The New Year is here, and it’s slated to be an exciting one for the world of web hosting. You know that virtual private server/VPS hosting is the future, but still not many hosts have caught on. In 2016, it’s a given that more and more hosts will offer VPS hosting, but that still won’t level the playing field. It still matters what kind of hardware and server you have, and there’s no skimping on customer service. A host that offers a VPS package for the same price as another host will have a different server, different security measures in place, different customer service skills, and different maintenance schedules. In other words, you still need to shop around!

Another prediction for 2016 is that the public will become more educated on the benefits of VPS hosting. This will come largely from hosts themselves who have the responsibility of making sure their customers know the product. There are ways to educate yourself, but most website owners don’t do this. Ultimately, the hosts are stuck with the job of translating tech speak—and some are much better than others!

The Year of Change 

It’s unlikely that basic shared plans will go anywhere (at least not for a very long time). Many people don’t switch hosts or packages simply because they feel they have it ‘good enough’ and that it will take too much work. Even though VPS hosting costs the same but is much better, the majority of basic shared users will stick with what they had in 2015. Eventually they’ll come around, but that could take several more years.

It’s also the year when web hosts will have to compete more vehemently. There are thousands of web hosts on this continent alone. Especially if you consider the re-seller hosting market, it’s a very easy and cheap business to get into. This confuses customers, and it’s up to the web host to stand out. A great way to do so is with VPS, and then actually educating the public on what that means.

What to Expect the Next 12 Months

In some cases, you can find basic and VPS plans for the same price. However, many times VPS hosting costs a smidge more. The gap between the two will continue to close as technology continues to advance. Still, the difference is so slim that it doesn’t make much of an impact. VPS hosting will likely never be free, which is an option for basic shared plans, but that doesn’t mean much. In fact, numerous studies have shown that people value something that costs money, even if it’s a dollar, more than something that’s free.

If you’re planning to upgrade or switch hosts this year, there’s no time like the present. Get a head start on 2016 and get on this VPS bandwagon before everyone else figures out it exists. This will give you an edge, and a website that’s faster, more secure, and comes with some great service!

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