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Virtual private server, or VPS, hosting, offers a number of benefits—and many of them coincide nicely with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. SEO is constantly evolving in an effort to provide users with the best, most relevant of websites. As a website owner, you want to make sure your site is considered one of the best and most relevant by search engines for your target audience. Plus, it’s a very affordable option. Thanks to virtualization techniques, you can get all the capabilities of dedicated servers at the same price as basic shared plans. You get more hosting features, yet the costs are split amongst many clients, making it one of the most affordable options out there.

However, where it really takes the cake is with SEO function. It’s a secure option, and security is a top concern for search engines. You’ll get great firewall security, as well as on-site security (just make sure you know where your data center is located!). Security helps maintain a stable web performance, ensuring that your site is deemed safe, secure, and a great choice by search engines. 

Can I Get Some Support?

Most VPS hosts offer around the clock support, but this is still something you should double check and not take for granted. Overall, you get better customer service with VPS, which means any issues that might pop up will be addressed quickly. SEO takes downtime seriously, and if your site is down more than normal, your SEO rankings will take a hit. Server management is critical for availability, and every second really does count.

Even better, VPS comes with a faster speed than basic shared hosting. When a VPS plan is configured well and has enough storage, bandwidth, and RAM, along with the best applications and hardware, speed is a natural side effect. It all comes in a single affordable solution, and the benefits trickle down to your website visitors. You can bet that search engine algorithms are taking notice and rewarding you with a better SERP ranking.

Faster, Faster!

When your website is this fast, scalability has to be on your radar. It’s easy to reconfigure your resources and website to scale up or down as needed. VPS hosting is also very reliable thanks to the scalability, speed, and security. For most SMEs, this alone makes VPS the obvious choice. Getting this many features for a low price is a winning combination.

Protect your site from spam, viruses, re-direction, and spam-riddled links. All of these obstacles negatively affect your SEO, and ultimately your visitor’s experience. Still, you want to make sure you choose the right host for you with a little comparison shopping. Hosts are not all created equally, and shopping is a breeze since the majority of hosts don’t offer VPS options in the US. Take your time, consider your options, and choose a host that offers stellar customer service alongside some great hosting options that includes VPS at an affordable price.

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