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Big web hosts are touting “new” virtual private server/VPS hosting packages, often directing them towards business owners. Does this mean the individual website owner won’t benefit from VPS? If you don’t have or expect high traffic, is it worthwhile to make the switch—especially since many people need to switch web hosts anyways? That’s something only you can decide, but for many website owners it’s well worth it. For starters, upgrading isn’t nearly the hassle you might think it is.

If your web host offer VPS hosting packages, make sure you read the fine print and know exactly what you’re getting. There should be scalability, and there should also be a clear easy out clause in case you want to scale up, down, or move hosts in the future. Your host should also be established, so that you’re not left out in the cold if they suddenly go out of business. If you need, or want, to switch hosts, spend some time doing your research. Once you’ve picked your best match, your new host should take care of all the dirty work (assuming you go with managed VPS hosting, of course).

Business…or Pleasure 

The benefits of VPS hosting aren’t just a perk for business owners. The biggest upsides are faster speeds and more security. Those are both items that everyone wants, with security being especially favored. If your only website is a personal blog for your eyes only, then speed is probably not as important (just as long as you can use your website as you wish!). However, if you have any traffic at all, you’re going to want to give your visitors high speeds. That increases your search engine optimization (SEO), and numerous studies show that people won’t wait even a split second longer than what they deem appropriate for a page to load.

Obviously, having VPS for its superior speed and security is paramount for businesses, but it can be a big help to your personal site, too. For example, if you’re trying to establish yourself as the best Halloween makeup artist on YouTube, that accompanying blog had better be fast. If you collect any kind of data at all, including your own, you want to make sure the site is secure. Some hackers breach websites for personal gain while others simply  do it to show they can. Either way, you don’t want to be an easy target.

Why not VPS? 

It’s clear that VPS is superior to basic shared hosting, but ultimately there’s also the “why not?” thought process. It’s the same price, or very close, to basic and gives you much more. Someday, VPS will be considered the standard and basic shared hosting may cease to exist. You can get on this trend early, get all the benefits, and have the advantage of time to shop around and get in good with boutique hosts. Smaller hosts can offer better customer service and customization.

If you’re on the fence about VPS because your site is “just” a personal one, what have you got to lose?

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