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You only have a few days to prep your e-commerce site for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Is your web hosting package up for the challenge? Probably not if you have a basic shared plan. Fortunately, there’s enough time to switch to virtual private server/VPS hosting before the mad rush. Doing so can increase site speed, profits, and the number of loyal customers. It’s the final countdown for the tax year, and the time when most retailers go into the black—or stay in the red. You need every single boost you can get, especially when there’s virtually no cost difference or effort on your part.

In many cases, VPS hosting is at the same price point as a basic shared plan. However, most website owners are still with basic because it’s familiar and they don’t understand what they’re missing out on. Basic shared plans aren’t as secure, aren’t as fast, and don’t come with as much control or services as VPS hosting. If you go with a managed plan, your host (whether a new host or your current one) should be willing to do all the heavy lifting for you. If not, it’s time to seek out a new host (consider it an early holiday gift to yourself).

Every Second Counts

In 2015, researchers found that the average American’s attention span was worse than a goldfish’s. People want instant gratification, and honestly won’t wait if your website takes longer to load than what’s deemed appropriate. Sadly, during the holidays, websites can get overwhelmed. They crash or slow down. There’s no way to entirely prevent this, but there are certainly ways to guard against it—starting with VPS hosting. With this approach, you get all the perks of a dedicated host but none of the costs.

However, with a basic shared plan, you can’t be certain how many people you’re sharing the server with. It could be thousands. Some of those clients might be seriously overloading the web host’s features, too. Ultimately, this means that your site will suffer, as will your customers and profits. Some website shoppers may never return to a site that wasn’t working well, and you’ve just lost out on a potential great 2016 customer.

Start Today

There’s a small amount of overlap when switching web hosts and/or packages. For a short amount of time, you may have both hosts at your beck and call. However, if you’re switching hosts, go with a host who will take care of this for you. It should take less than two days to fully transition to a new host. This gives you enough time to ensure your site is up and running for Cyber Monday with no flaws. But first, make sure you choose a host with a spotless reputation.

A little comparison shopping can do wonders for your website’s functionality. You need a host that’s established and willing to work around the holiday rush. Otherwise, you might be signing up for trouble down the road if a crash occurs. Make this your most profitable year ever by bolstering your website from the back end.


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