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There’s a good reason virtual private servers (VPSs) have skyrocketed in popularity, and are now touted as one of the most marketable of options: They have nearly limitless growth potential. Ask a webmaster (who actually knows what he or she is doing) and they’ll recommend VPS for the average online business. You get all the benefits of a dedicated server, but none of the high costs. When you partition a physical server into a multitude of separate, virtual servers, you’re basically getting “your own” dedicated server along with the exclusive applications that come with it.

Your VPS has its own OS that operates from a hosting server—and it’s all yours. Scalability is relatively easy with VPS. You can scale up or down as you wish, and there’s no need to ask permission, submit a ticket to a help desk or depend on anyone else to take care of it. Each VPS can be rebooted on their own, and separately programmed to run server software. If your business or website is slated for big growth spurts, you have big website traffic shifts, or you depend on complex applications, VPS is the answer.

Sharing isn’t Caring

Unfortunately, the vast majority of small to mid-sized businesses are still using basic shared hosting plans. If your business is successful, you’ll eventually outgrow this approach. Switching to a VPS is quick and easy—you may not even need to switch hosting providers. Plus, as you learn more about how your website really operates, you might find that there are too many restrictions with shared hosting plans. Shared hosting can have other people hogging the resources, you have to ask permission for just about everything and customizations are few and far between.

VPS lets you enjoy a flexible option that’s user-friendly, budget-friendly and safe. A VPS can be the perfect match for just about any kind of website. It’s flexible, which for many website owners is the biggest plus of all. You get flexibility when running analytics as well as with resource utilization. You’re not competing for resources with anybody else, which allows for more elasticity. VPS is also a secure option, even though you’re technically sharing that one tangible server with other clients. When the server is partitioned into VPSs, the security features don’t face any higher risks. You’ll get an isolated virtual server that’s the same security as an isolated physical server.

Staying in Control

Want complete control over your server? VPS makes that happen. However, it’s still a very economical choice—in fact; many VPS packages are the exact same price point as a basic shared plan. It’s the most cost-effective solution on the market; you get more disc capacity and the bandwidth is unlimited without tacking on added costs. Finally, a big perk is all those extra features you get. Activate them immediately, enjoy great customer service, and take advantage of interactive teaching modules and plenty of online support networks.

VPS is all about growth, which is in keeping with your business. Why setting for anything less?


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