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Automated trading is the go-to method for many these days, which ultimately outsources the job to “trading robots.” This eliminates any pesky human emotion that may creep in, and also ensures issues like “being tired” don’t lead to silly mistakes. Robots aren’t vulnerable to greed, fear, or any other human emotion. They follow orders and if the code is kept up to snuff, the trading robot simply won’t let you down. They’ve helped human traders lead a less stressful life, even giving them “a life” for the first time in years.

Trading robots work around the clock, are faster, and can make decisions in a snap. Of course, there is always the possibility of an issue (like when the Wi-Fi goes down). Since the majority of financial markets around the world are traded online these days, a good internet connection is critical for Forex (FX) trading—but it’s an absolute must for automated trading. How can we make it better?

“Virtually” Perfect

Depending on a virtual private server/VPS hosting can drastically improve the safety and reliability of automated trading. It’s already revered by Fort Financial Services, one of the most reputable of FX brokers—and other brokers are catching on. There’s no fear over poor connections since you basically have a dedicated server without the sky high price. Turn off your PC (the trading robot isn’t being hosted in that manner), and rest easy knowing that the internet connection isn’t going to get in the way of trading.

According to Fort Financial Services, “This service (VPS) allows trading robots to work more efficiently due to a high quality broadband Internet connection, and enables traders to make timely adjustments to the work of his advisor in accordance with any volatile market conditions. This service gives our customers a number of advantages.”

Get VPS to Be Ahead of the Curve

Some of the advantage Fort Financial Services ticks off include a stable advisor operation and an uninterrupted advisor operation. Both are a must if you’re entrusting your trading robot to take care of business for you (and better than you could manage yourself). Enjoy 24/7 trading with your advisors, and get quick access to the trading account.

Don’t forget about the security and better customer service that usually comes with VPS hosting, too. If you rely on a basic shared hosting plan, you won’t get all of these perks. Connections can be weaker, security can be much less impressive, and if something does go awry you might find yourself lost in a sea of customer service automation. Every industry is jumping on the VPS bandwagon now that it’s the same cost (or close) as basic shared hosting. The FX trading industry is a prime example of what a difference VPS can make—and why it’s about to take down basic shared plans entirely.

You don’t have to be a broker or investor to take advantage of VPS. Anyone would be better served by going virtual.



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