You know the benefits of virtual private server/VPS hosting, but do your customers? If you’re a business owner with a website, you can use switching to VPS hosting as a great marketing tool. Educate your customers on the perks (many won’t know) and showcase how committed you are to site speed, their security, and providing the best possible online experience possible. You might not be paying any more for VPS than basic plans (or the difference is negligible), but the end results are definitely worth bragging about.

Many businesses miss out on “free” marketing tools and PR opportunities by not sharing what they’re doing internally with their customers. Worse, you’re not sharing these maneuvers with potential customers. There’s no telling how many potential customers you have who are currently working with your competition because they don’t know what you’re doing to create a better experience from the inside out. Just like that internal recycling program you kick-started, telling the world what you’re up to can be the best marketing strategy you have.

Why VPS Matters 

Some businesses have a non-existent marketing department, and that’s okay. It doesn’t take much effort to share your VPS switch. Make a bullet-pointed list of all the VPS benefits, which can include increased site speed, better online security, and not sharing hosting resources (especially during busy times like Cyber Monday). Then, create an online campaign that tells customers what VPS is, why you switched, when, and exactly how it will benefit them.

You can share this news on a social media platform, an e-newsletter, your website, or a blog. Of course, you can also spread the news in-person (such as with signage in a restaurant). It can be part of a bigger campaign to showcase what you’re doing to serve customers, or it can be a stand-alone item. Even if you’re not paying any additional costs for VPS (which is common) and it only took a few minutes to take care of the swap, take advantage of this built-in marketing prowess.

Marketing Made Easy

It can be difficult to measure your marketing efforts. Keep a close eye on your analytics to gauge whether making the switch brought you more customers, kept visitors on your site longer, or increased your profits. There are many free analytic tools that do this, many of which may be built into your website and/or social media platforms. If you don’t notice any significant increases, that’s okay, too. You’re still providing your customers with faster, safer online experiences while not paying a premium yourself.

VPS hosting can be a great boost to your holiday profits, because it’s the time of year when everyone is in a mad rush to get shopping done quickly. A slow website can destroy these efforts, but you can come to the rescue with a VPS upgrade. Most web hosts don’t offer this package, so you’re going above and beyond the call of duty (and what the competition is offering).

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