There’s a plethora of web hosting systems out there, from cloud to dedicated, but one of the most overlooked—especially for growing businesses—is colocation. Colocation is comprised of dedicated systems which are “extended” so you can house and hire servers within a data center to tap into advanced IT features. This means more bandwidth, greater security, less latency and an optimized economy of scale. However, it’s not a viable option for anyone without a quickly sprouting business, since the addition of data centers which are proprietary may be fantastic, but they also come with an impressive price tag.

However, for the right business, colocation can be an unbeatable strategy. By design, it’s better able to fight off attacks and hacks, it offers great convenience, and compared to some other solutions in that price bracket it’s relatively a budget satisfier. You can choose from a variety of data centers around the world, but one of the most popular in the US is Hostooope which is based in Texas. At this center, clients can choose from six different IPs, 100 Mbps 4TB bandwidth and more. Other data centers actually have pods on a global scale with the UAE, China, Spain, India, Turkey and Russia known for offering the most affordable choices.

Do I Need It?

Colocation has many of the same perks as buying a dedicated server yourself and having a host manage it. With colocation, businesses get exclusive access to a specific number of servers—so you actually get a lot more than “just” one server. Colocation comes as a package deal that often includes monitoring, connecting to an ISP network just for you, physical infrastructure security, and cage/cabinet leasing for starters. Your cabinets are under tight security and no other client can access them—plus, you’ll get to use some of the best data center infrastructure in the world.

Colocation clients also get to use fire suppression systems, environmental control, technical services/monitoring, UPS backup, multi-homed bandwidth and redundant power sources. If you choose to upgrade, this is a great way to optimize your business scalability at the lowest possible cost. However, one of the biggest challenges is identifying the right provider. Choosing the wrong provider can mean a big loss for business.

What to Look For

There are six major things you deserve in a colocation provider: reliability, location point, scalability, financial stability, lemming effect and deployment. Like any other type of host, you need at least 99.999 percent uptime. Check for reviews, certifications and the level of support on-site. With location, make sure the staff can get to the data center quickly in an emergency and also consider natural disaster likeliness. Your services must be scalable, so that your business needs are met at every stage down the road.

Of course, how quickly the data center services can be deployed is also important. It should be quick and extra features should be added regularly. The “lemming effect”, a psychological happening where people natural follow and adapt, also happens with colocation services. If an area is rich with colocation providers, you’ll probably find good reliability and network connectivity. Finally, don’t forget about financial stability. The company should be stable since you’re investing in their services and you want support for at least five years.

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