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Forget your two front teeth. All you really want for the holidays is a website worth bragging about, and it’s not too late to get it. It might be only a few days until Christmas, but that’s plenty of time to upgrade your website, update it, and get even more out of those holiday profits rolling in from your customers. As a business owner or automated blog profiteer, it’s time to seriously revamp your online presence. After all, the competition might already be leaving you in the dust.

Here’s your last minute wish list for Santa. Hurry, and you might be able to get all of them!

  • VPS hosting: If you still have a basic shared hosting plan, you’re wasting money (and wasting your customer’s time). Upgrade to virtual private server/VPS hosting for faster speed and more security, all for a price not much more than what you’re paying now! It’s the new go-to package for web hosting, but a lot of people aren’t on the bandwagon yet. Beat them to the punch.
  • A better web host: Sadly, there’s a good chance your current web host doesn’t even offer VPS hosting. It’s not widely available yet, but the best web hosts are offering it because they want to treat their customers right. Even if your host does offer VPS, could you be getting better service? Take a little time to comparison shop, and gift yourself a new, better web host for the New Year who’s really in your corner.
  • Mobile readiness: In 2015, it became official. The majority of people use mobile devices for just about everything. This means if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on the majority of customers. Mobile readiness can mean a mobile version of a website, an app, or both.
  • Responsive design: Similar to mobile readiness, responsive design ensures that a website works flawlessly and quickly on any browser or device. This requires constant testing, and it’s something you probably don’t have time to do yourself. Get a web designer who can monitor this for you, knows the importance of responsive design, and can help you reach more customers.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization isn’t optional. It’s a set of best practices that dictate where your website appears on search engines when someone queries “your” keywords. For example, if you have a dog grooming business in Eugene, Oregon, when someone Googles “dog grooming Eugene OR” you want to be in the top five results. If you’re not, it’s very unlikely that anyone will ever find you.
  • Quality content: At the heart of SEO is quality content with keywords expertly interwoven. However, good content also just makes for a good website. If you haven’t had a professional, SEO-minded writer create your landing page content, make this the year it gets re-written. Also only use a pro for blog posts, articles, and of course written content.
  • Social media management: Having a business social media page isn’t the same as having a good one. This takes a lot of analysis, planning, and time to implement well. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

How will you be improving your web presence this upcoming year, and what can you do now to get a head start? Make the most of the rest of December and get cracking!

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