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It’s clear that virtual private servers (VPSs) are gaining great momentum in the US and North American in general, but similar trends are being seen around the world. In South Africa, an up and coming hosting startup, Isoho.st, has just slashed prices for VPS services while amping up the offerings. It’s becoming a very competitive market, and South Africa is shifting from on-site services to hosted services just like in western countries.

Isoho.st is a great example of a small hosting company giving customers what they want. The starting VPS package, the Pluto, comes with 1TB of network traffic each month, even more bandwidth than before, and you can choose to rev up your package from that point. There are no contracts, and the simple month to month package has an easy out clause. Add RAM as you like, pepper in more hard drive space if necessary, and know that scalability is always a breeze with VPS—just like it should be.

Isoho.st Knows How to “Back it Up”

Off-site backups are critical for many website/small business owners, and Isoho.st is getting ready to offer that service as well. Right now, many South African website owners either rely on manual backups (which is a bad idea since human error/forgetfulness runs rampant) or a third-party backup service. Combining services is simpler, may save money and helps small businesses like Isoho.st expand.

The startup’s owners are quick to point out that there’s much more to offer than lower prices. They’ve also just replaced most of their hardware, upgrading their Hetzner infrastructure to an MWEB Business hardware co-location solution, which is part of the Internet Solutions family. However, Isoho.st isn’t an MWEB reseller, so if you’ve heard about the data loss with Internet Solutions, don’t worry. That won’t impact Isoho.st customers.

Bigger and Better

Migrating to MWEB business lets Isoho.st get bigger, better hardware which has upped contention ratios per VPS dramatically. The founder of the company, Edwin Peer, notes that, in the past, Isoho.st used quad-core servers, but has switched to having 32 cores in each box. Storage network I/O bandwidth has also gone up, now at 20Gbps compared to the previous, paltry 1Gbps—for every machine. Peer says, “The machines are more contended, but the size of the contended pie has significantly increased.” He sees nothing but more growth in the future. “This is also why we quote CPU contention per core, rather than per machine.”

Since the overhaul, VM performance has become stronger and Peer says clients are enjoying about four times I/O bandwidth than what they used to. South Africa is keeping pace with VPS movements around the world, just as business owners in the region are taking note that a global market is at their fingertips. No matter where you do business or where your website is managed, you need speed, a quality web host, scalability, and affordable pricing. VPS offers all of that, and going with a local (to you) business is a great way to ensure a partnership that understands your needs.


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