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Have you heard about virtual private server/VPS hosting, but you’re not sure if your business or industry is the right fit? The reality is that absolutely anyone with a website, business owner or not, can benefit from the faster, safer offerings of VPS. However, there are some industries that are better suited than others. If you fall into any of these categories and are still settling for basic shared hosting, it’s time for an upgrade. If your current host doesn’t offer VPS packages (which is common), it might be time to switch hosts.

  • Financial institution: If you collect sensitive customer information, such as managing stocks, bank accounts, credit cards, or other financial data, it’s critical that you keep this information protected. In fact, you might need dedicated hosting (which is the next and final step up from VPS hosting). No matter what, you shouldn’t settle for basic plans. Your customers deserve much better.
  • Game site: Do you provide online games to your customers, especially ones with incredible graphics? You can’t offer the quality necessary with basic shared plans. Even if your games are fairly simple and all looks well from your end, there’s no telling how it shows up to your players. Get more fans, followers, and profits by switching to VPS.
  • Government agencies: Again, dedicated hosting might be an even better bet depending on your agency’s size and the type of sensitive data you work with. However, smaller agencies need at least VPS hosting—yet many are still hobbling along with a basic shared plan. As a government agency, it’s critical that you put the “service” back into civil service, starting with your visitor’s online experience.
  • Entertainment site: If you have a lot of traffic, a lot of graphics, and a lot of videos, there’s a good chance your visitors are consuming this information on a mobile device (in fact, in the mobile world, that’s true of any site). Your site might be running slow on many devices, driving away traffic. Switch to VPS for a faster, smoother experience.
  • Restaurants: Particularly if you have a blog, interactive site, regularly update your menu, and take online reservations with a credit card, it’s critical that you get VPS. Otherwise, your customers might get distracted by the long waits and think it’s indicative of your restaurant service!
  • Etailers: If you have an e-commerce site, you probably have a lot of images, product descriptions, and a comprehensive online shopping cart. You need to keep your customer’s information safe while also ensuring they can shop quickly. This is especially critical on big shopping days leading up to Christmas. VPS can give you the speed necessary for a fast shopping trip.
  • Video based site: If you’re getting ready to compete using YouTube, VPS can set your site apart. Videos take a lot of oomph to showcase perfectly, especially on mobile devices. Up the ante with VPS.

The best news? VPS is along the same price point as basic shared plans, so there’s no reason not to switch. Why are you still struggling with basic plans?

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