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What if someone told you there was a much better product than what you are using, the cost was the same or nominally higher, and the hassle of upgrading was minimal at best? Everyone would say they would upgrade, but the reality is many people put it off. They might look for excuses to validate what comes down to laziness or fear of change, or maybe they’ll just ignore it entirely. That’s exactly what’s happening with failure to switch from basic shared plans to virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and it’s the website users who are suffering for it.

A change will do you good?

A change will do you good?

There are many things VPS hosts can and are doing to get customers to switch, such as informing and educating, marketing, and in some cases ditching their basic shared plans altogether. However, these efforts (albeit the best possible option) are only reaching a small percentage of customers—those who are open to learning about hosting and are considering switching already (consciously or not). That’s great, but these aren’t the customers who need to be reached.

Why We Avoid Change

There are a few key reasons we avoid change: We don’t like the unknown, we’re scared we’re actually going to have to do more work/spend more money/ go farther outside the comfort zone than what we’re told, and when it comes down to it humans are creatures of habit. We look for excuses to take the easiest possible route, even if that “easy” route comes with more risks. We’ll read a story about a major hack that impacted customers using VPS hosting, and it becomes the one and only reason why we’ll never switch.

In many other cases, a website owner doesn’t even know what a web host really does, and they don’t want to dig in. All that tech jargon is confusing, and they figure since they’ve had a website that seems to “work okay” for so many years, why fix what isn’t broken? Here’s the problem: Things are broken, but they’re not shutting down the site entirely. You’re overpaying for under-delivery.

Getting in the Right Frame of Mind

As business owners and website owners, we want to get the most for our dollars. We want our sites to be the best they can be within a budget we’ve set. We spend a lot of time, money, and efforts on marketing campaigns, SEO companies, graphic designers, content writers, and more. Yet we neglect the hosting part of our site because we think it’s “done.” We don’t realize that a better host and/or hosting package could speed up our site, give us more security, better protect our visitors, help with SEO efforts, and give us more guaranteed uptime.

Ignorance is bliss, certainly, but it’s time for a wakeup call. Your web host matters, and so does your server type. In today’s world where VPS costs the same as basic shared plans, why settle for less? It’s time to get a little educated and see what you, your site, and your customers have been missing out on.


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