Ryan Walmsley is an 18-year-old programmer from the UK who depends on Linux, virtual private servers (VPS’), and has an infatuation with Google that’s kick-started his success as a young entrepreneur. Looking at teens for a sign of where the future of tech is headed is a simple solution. If this young demographic loves something, whether it’s tangible tech or an approach, there’s a good chance it’s the future. Take a look at Apple: Obviously Apple products are beloved by teens, which is why Apple listened and started a teen program via the Worldwide Developer Conference.

It’s also no surprise that Linux has long been a teen favorite. It has an open-source development approach, it’s free, and you can make changes and hand them over to groups to get them developed in the primary project…basically, it has a very free spirited love that teens can’t resist. Walmsley is one teen getting recognized by the Linux Foundation because of his innovative use of the technology. He’s also a fan of Google apps, Android, and (shocker!) doesn’t mind Windows 10.

The New British Invasion

Walmsley founded Ryanteck (on Linux, of course), a site that sells electronics and boards to techies making other products. He uses Linux for his daily work, both professional and personal. Chrome and Google apps are his go-to products for work and general admin tasks. He likes gLabels for printing and shipping, and uses Chrome for gaming and social media. However, he’s found that Linux is the best for programming, especially when using Python and PHP. He uses Linux on a VPS for cloud hosting, relying on the cloud server for scalability and security.

Personally, Walmsley prefers Ubuntu Linux and says the Unity interface is his favorite. It’s also user-friend, and “not much harder than Windows,” according to Walmsley. He began using Linux in 2007, and it became his primary OS in 2013. He finds it easier to code with compared to Windows, and points out that Windows also has a tendency to slow down after awhile. The re-installs help, but he doesn’t have time to baby technology. Plus, he’s a big fan of Steam, which is perfect for gaming on Linux and is originally what got him on board.

The Daily Grind

While Walmsley doesn’t develop apps, he does do programming for Raspberry Pi, website programming, and has played around a little with Android app design (but has not published anything major yet). Of course, what many in the tech industry want to know is the teen’s perspective on Windows 10. Walmsley still uses Windows 7 as his beta OS, since he’s still on the hunt for quality video editing software that works with Linux. There are also some legacy applications he loves that require Windows. However, he’s been introduced to Windows 10 and simply finds it doesn’t offer anything more than Windows 7. He doesn’t plan on upgrading until his 7 license expires.

Walmsley, like many, does prefer Windows 10 over Windows 8, noting that “It seems that it fixes most things I’ve not like” about the previous version. And as for Google apps? “I absolutely love (them),” he says. He uses the apps professionally and personally, and is also a fan of Google Drive, Google Plus, and YouTube. An Android phone user, he says “It just works.” His cocktail for success: VPS, Linux, Google, and Apple from time to time.


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