You may be king or queen of your castle, but there are many home automation companies intent on controlling your home’s comfort zone through your HVAC system. That’s okay, though, because these companies are putting technology to work to make your home more energy-efficient to reduce your utility bills without taking away from the comfort you seek.

Here are some of the top HVAC home automation solutions available today:


Producing a comprehensive product line of thermostats, humidifiers, and other climate control solutions, Aprilaire’s Model 880 and its Model 8826 system control create an easy-to-use, fully controllable HVAC automation system for a home or building. It is supported by the majority of the available home automation brands, which means it can be integrated easily to provide a higher level of temperature control and energy savings.

The Aprilaire system has a point-and-click interface and can be managed through a web browser, smart phone, or tablet.

Cool Automation

With a range of control solutions, Cool Automation works with leading home automation manufacturers to optimize energy efficiency in both homes and business with an extensive product line to fit different needs. For example, CoolMasterNet, which connects home automation systems and building management systems with existing HVAC systems.

While these work together, you are actually still in control of your home and office environment through a master control pad that provides real-time information on your energy consumption. Adding a cloud-based solution, Cool Automation now gives you the power to continually monitor your HVAC system no matter where you are from your mobile or tablet device.


Long trusted as a reliable, high-quality home environment company, Honeywell offers the Prestige IAQ programmable thermostat, which connects to its Total Connect Comfort cloud-based app found in the Google Play or iTunes store. Using any Web-enabled device, you can control your home environment, including ventilation, humidity, temperature, and fan settings, no matter where you are located.

It is especially beneficial to those homeowners that have tiered energy pricing so they can ensure that their energy use conforms to this schedule to keep utility costs low but comfort high. The programmable thermometer also tests your HVAC system to make sure it is performing well and alerts you if it detects any issue.


Known for its air conditioning solutions, Trane also develops and sells thermostats and control systems for home and commercial needs. ComfortLink II Control is a programmable controller that delivers Internet-enabled room-by-room control of the temperature as well as remote access capability and real-time weather forecasts and alerts. The generously sized touchscreen controller also can integrate with other home automation and security systems. You can control your home’s temperature, create heating and cooling schedules based on your tiered energy costs, and get alerts for HVAC maintenance like filter cleaning or replacement.


Offering a comprehensive control model for your HVAC environment, Truveon compares data from other homes along with a homeowner’s comfort level preferences and climate data to develop an optimum level for your energy consumption. This data can be used to manage energy usage while also sending information to heating and air conditioning units to keep them performing at the most efficient level.

As a homeowner, you are still involved because you can decide what to set your thermostat to, but the Truveon system is working behind the systems to gauge efficiency and troubleshoot any problems that might interfere with efficiency.

Final Thoughts

While the technology from these companies is working tirelessly to control your energy efficiency, you are actually still in charge of your home and office space. The metrics provided by these systems give you the data you need to “green” your life without losing any of the comfort you want when you retreat to your home or office.

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