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In just a few days it’ll be 2016—is your online presence ready for it? If you still have a basic shared hosting package, probably not. The savviest website owners, including everyone from e-commerce stores to government agencies and non-profits, have made the move to virtual private server/VPS hosting. They’re getting faster speeds, stronger security, and sometimes better customer service for their efforts. However, if changing to VPS is something that’s on your resolution list, it’s time to bump it up. There are some serious perks to changing before the New Year.

For starters, you’re missing out on some potential great holiday savings. Everyone’s trying to get in the black before the year’s end, including web hosts. Yes, VPS hosting is very affordable year-round, but you may as well save where you can. Most businesses are hustling to get their accounting in place right now, including business expenses. Upgrading to VPS can just squeak in under your 2015 taxes, and you might just get a sweet holiday savings deal too.

Here are a few more reasons to make the change before the ball drops:

  • Your customers will thank you: This is especially true if you own an e-commerce site. As everyone is scrambling to get their last-minute gifts ordered, you don’t want to bog your visitors down with a slow website. At best, they’ll be annoyed by you. At worst (and this is very common) they’ll just go someplace else. Give them speed and they’ll give you revenue.
  • Hackers are out in full force: ‘Tis the season for cyber criminals, and they’re targeting anyone they can. Sometimes it’s about identity theft, but other times it’s simply to showcase their power. Changing to VPS hosting gives you more security, which can leave hackers looking for greener pastures.
  • It’s about to get busy: Everyone wants to make sure their site is up and running for the holidays. If you have a basic shared plan, you might be sharing a physical server with others who are gobbling up all the resources. Plus, the phones might get over-burdened by people calling in. Many VPS packages include upgraded customer service—and all of them offer virtual servers (of course) so you never have to share resources.
  • It’s one less thing to do in January: Add “changing hosts” to losing 15 pounds, quitting smoking, eating more whole foods, taking care of mobile readiness, and nailing responsive design, and one of them is bound to fall off that list. It’ll likely be changing hosts since you technically already have a “good enough” host right now.
  • It takes less time than buying online: Changing hosts is so easy, especially if you go with a managed plan, that it can be a simple task in between hectic online shopping. Choose a host that takes care of the ins and outs for you.

The sooner you switch to VPS, the quicker you and your visitors can enjoy all the perks. Make it a more efficient holiday season in just a few minutes.

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