If you like "Drag and Drop" functionality, this might be something to look at. Not much else is exciting about it.

  • Monthly Price
    $9 – $69
  • Free Version
  • Avg Support Time
    6hr 40min
  • Billing Practices
  • Last Updated
    April 15 2016

Founded in 2012 by Adeyemi Adeleye and Guy Schragger, SupaDupa is an ecommerce website builder that is renowned for being simple and easy-to-use. The platform’s main aim is to enable individual users and business owners to start selling online by creating their own site, without any technical or coding knowledge.

User Experience


SupaDupa is the perfect website store builder for any individual user or business owner who does not have knowledge concerning how to manage, create, and organize an online store. The platform is incredibly easy to use and its interface is simple and responsive. With a drag-and-drop store-building feature, everything you need is just a few clicks away.

Therefore, you rarely have to refer to customer support in order to figure out where something is or how something works. In addition to being easy-to-use, SupaDupa also enables users to create product variants according to weight, date, material, and size, sell on social media outlets like Facebook, check out your sales and growth with solid reports, and brand your store with a logo in the simplest way possible.

Product Editor


Upon using SupaDupa, it was hard to ignore how thoughtfully the interface is designed. It is as if almost everything you need is right in front of you, and this is a rare trait in site building platforms. We can easily say the site building and product editor tools almost match the functionality and responsiveness of renowned sites like Shopify and Weebly.

For instance, look at the Product Editor above. It is easy and clean to grasp. You can easily determine the product type, add its name, description, SEO keywords, and shop results (all that you need in one simple location). This makes it easier to create products with variants. However, where there is good, there are a few minor bad things worth pointing out as well.

For instance, while SupaDupa is easy-to-use for creating product variations, it requires all products to have a variation (and this is not necessary, as not all products will have a different type). Another issue we found is that every product must be put in a category (what if you do not want different categories in your store?). Again, these are just small issues, which need a little polishing to make life easier for the user.

Page Builder


Moving away from the issues, one of the features we were most impressed with was the page builder. In simple words, it is excellent and twice the times better than Shopify’s. Featuring a drag-and-drop editor, you have the ability to efficiently and successfully create a page based on your needs and requirements.

In addition, you also have many different options available with a ton of pre-built page templates. This definitely makes life easier for business owners and individual users who often find making a page quite complicated.

Features Information

Similar to Jumpseller, SupaDupa only offers users the most basic features of ecommerce site building and nothing more (create product variants, set up a page, add discounts etc).This is one the main reasons why it has not been able to gain much recognition in the site building marketplace. After all, users will only join a website and pay for its subscription when they have all the features they need at a single location. The only features SupaDupa offers include:

    • IOS & Android Apps No apps.


    • Multi-Lingual – Not supported.


    • Digital Products – Not supported.


    • App Store – Not supported.


    • 3rd Party Shipping Integration Does not integrate with 3rd party shipping partners.


    • Gift Cards Not supported.


  • Email Customization Not supported.


SupaDupa gives great thought to the ‘number’ of themes. However, there is not a lot of variety to be found in these themes. Nevertheless, all of the themes are good-looking, responsive, and well optimized. Below are two examples of the best themes in our opinion.

Example #1


Example #2


Customization options are limited, but good enough for rookie users who have not built an online website before.

Billing Practices and Pricing Information

Example #2


In terms of billing practices, SupaDupa definitely takes away the cake. We were able to pay for and cancel with the website with no problems. In terms of pricing, SupaDupa again does a good job and offers five plans you can choose from. These include:

    • Basic – You can get started with the online store builder free. However, you will only be able to add 12 products with 1 image for each. There is also a 3.6% transaction fee.


    • Startup – The startup plan is for $9 per month, in which you can add 50 products with 3 images for each. You get your own domain, 6GB storage, all features from initial plan, and 2.9% transaction fee.


    • Professional – This plan costs $19 per month, you can add 450 products with 5 images. You can also take advantage of a discount code engine, banner slideshows, and credit card gateways.


    • Business – Available for $29 per month, you can add unlimited products with unlimited images per product. You also get batch editing, smart search, advanced customization, and 1.7% transaction fee.


  • Unlimited – Charged at $69 per month, you can add unlimited products with unlimited images per product, while taking advantage of priority support, badge removal, 1% transaction fee, and all features from initial plan.

Customer Support

If you need any help about using SupaDupa, you can receive support in the form of phone, email, and live chat. There is also a knowledge base and a resource center with FAQ’s, design guides, etc to help solve your issues, queries, or problems. However, the site’s average customer support reply time is 18 hours and 26 minutes (the Industry average is 6 hours 25 minutes. So, this makes using SupaDupa a little unreliable.


Is SupaDupa the right ecommerce site building solution or you? Well, if you do not have enough finances, using SupaDupa may not be a bad option. The platform covers the basics of ecommerce, but not much more. Therefore, you might find better value from Shopify or Weebly.


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