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People are creatures of habit. We love what’s familiar, especially if it’s within an industry where everything else is so confusing. Basic shared hosting plans were affordable (sometimes free) and the go-to option for the vast majority of website owners for years, and with good reason. Compared to all the other options, they were easy to use since they were managed for you and very budget-friendly. In fact, it’s the default option on many hosting websites today. The average business person doesn’t even know there’s an option besides basic shared hosting.

However, just because something has “always been done that way” doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Virtual private servers (VPS) came onto the scene several years ago, but just started gaining popularity relatively recently. It’s only been over the past few years that technology has allowed virtual private servers  to offer similar pricing to shared basic hosting packages. Now, it’s pretty simple to find a very affordable VPS, which means you’re overpaying for shared hosting plans.

Many people are basically choosing a far inferior product with a lot less customization for the same price. That sounds pretty ridiculous, right? Here are the most common excuses for sticking with basic shared plans even when VPS is on the table:

  1. “Shared hosting is easy.” Well, anything is easy if you’re not the one managing it. VPS can come with managed options, too. However, basic shared hosting simply can’t give you the same level of performance. It might be easy, but that doesn’t mean much when your site visitors are struggling with slow speeds because the shared server is over-stressed.
  2. 2. “What’s the difference?” A lack of education is common and to be expected. Unfortunately, every single website owner really does need to be educated about what VPS can do for them. In some cases they’ve tried researching on their own, but may have stumbled across some overly technical information that had them give up right away. A quality web host will explain pros and cons in laymen’s terms when necessary.
  3. “My website/business isn’t big enough.” Scalability is paramount for every single business. Plus, your business certainly won’t get any bigger if the website isn’t up to par. When it’s the same price but VPS has more benefits, it’s just silly to choose the inferior product.
  4. “It’s not safe” Absolutely no hosting plan can guarantee safety. However, there are many safety measures in place and VPS is actually safer than basic shared hosting (since there are fewer hands in the pot, so to speak). Safety concerns are always a big deal, but that goes back to education and information. Ask your web host about their security measures.
  5. “I don’t have the time.” Choose a managed plan and there’s very little you will have to do. A quality web host will offer around the clock support, it’ll be easy to talk to a real person, and there will be no sales pitches. Is it worth a few minutes to improve your site dramatically at no added cost? Of course.

It takes a little time for everyone to get on the newest, better wagon. Remember when you didn’t want to give up your VHS for DVD or cassettes for CDs? It’s the same thing.


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