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We found them to be a little tougher to use, but they still offer solid web options. the value was fair. We like them as an e-commerce option.

  • Monthly Price
    $5 – $70
  • Free Version
  • Avg Support Time
    8hr 56min
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    April 15 2016


Squarespace is straightforward when it comes to leading you through the steps to choose a domain, select a template, and start customizing your site.

ease to ues

There are several templates to choose from when getting started and each template is now more easy to customize than ever. Squarespace has the ability to make edits right on the preview screen which speeds up the process and makes life much easier for you as you begin to customize your own site. After you have chosen your template but before you begin customizing the site a small questionnaire asks you some questions that guides you through the initial site setup.

website  template


Squarespace created a unique method to access all their features and I call it Teardrop navigation. Whenever you want to insert something on a page a teardrop appears, click on it, and whalla a hostt of features are made available. However many of their features are not customizable and you have to be ok with the way Squarespace envisioned their integration into your site. This is one of the reasons you should stay away from Squarespace if you are looking to do a lot of custom and unique things on your site. Overall all the key features are there and should satisfy 90% of all your needs.

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As most of us know, few people read online, they like to look at pictures so websites tend to be extremely visual. Squarespace does a great job in providing you with thousands of stock images from Getty Images royalty free. This makes it easy to find the right image to go onto your site without any headache. I really enjoy using Squarespace to add images to my site and you will too.



If you have experience with Wix or Weebly you aren’t going to get Squarespace right off the bat. The navigation is restrictive and slightly confusing, and features can tend to get lost or completely missed if you aren’t catching onto their system. However once you grasp their teardrop insert navigation system and learn how to pogo stick into and out of their sidebar menu you will have gotten the hang of it and be able to successfully create a beautiful site. Once you catch on it is intuitive but it does take a minute so I highly suggest using their help menu videos. Squarespace has taken the time to produce multiple videos that are extremely informative. If you are like me you don’t mind reading but videos are worth a thousand words and can be a huge time saver in the end.



Even great website builders like Squarespace have their dark sides… Even IF you are planning on making a standard website and not deviate from the script there are some issues with performance. Google page speed analysis on any Squarespace site will reveal some major problems that cannot be solved by the non techie person. Page speed is becoming a major part of pagerank and therefore your position in search results. With Squarespace there’s really no way to optimize your site for speed with all the items that Google might recommend because those are on Squarespace and they don’t provide you with tools to address the way things like CSS and JAVASCRIPT interact on your site:

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Should I build my ecommerce store with Squarespace? – NO. Don’t waste your time with Squarespace when it comes to ecommerce. If you have a business and just want to sell one or two products online then it may be ok for you but if you are looking to open an online store then the limitations of Squarespace will just get in your way. Products display alphabetically – you can’t change that to for instance most popular to least popular. You cannot download your products into a spreadsheet, they do not have a product feed for stuff like Amazon or Google. You can insert product placement throughout your site and blog, however there’s only one option for doing so and it is very clunky and the product takes up most of the page. You cannot duplicate products so if you have 20 tee shirts with different prints on them you must create 20 separate products individually which is a major pain as compared to other shopping carts that allow duplication, and even direct upload from spreadsheet feeds. You have to use Stripe as your payment processor so forget using your own gateway. Bottom line their shopping cart is not recommended.

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If you are looking to create a basic site that looks stunning quickly and not spend much money on the project then Squarespace is a solid solution. If you are looking for anything truly unique or custom or want to create a shopping cart then stay away. Overall we give Squarespace average marks for a website builder.


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