Ways to Spice Up Your Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be a major focus for marketers. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute has found 93% of marketers are now using content marketing.

If you’re looking to become more efficient at content marketing, then consider using these 10 tactics to spice up your content marketing campaign.

Google Fonts

Thanks to Google Fonts, you can now easily add a little flair and originality to your content by taking advantage of this collection of over one thousand different fonts. Besides being open source – which means they are free to use and customize – Google Fonts also comes included with a number of WordPress themes like Genesis, Headway, and Thesis.

Social Solutions Collective suggests to get the most out of Google Fonts, you may have to use plugins like Google Font Manager, WP Google Fonts or Easy Google Fonts and do a little A/B testing to find out which font is most appealing for visitors to your website or blog. When used effectively, changing the typeface of your content is an easy way to help you stand out from the pack.

Custom Formatted Tweets

If you’re active on Twitter then you know how easy it is for your tweet to get lost in the constant activity of live feeds. To make sure that your tweet can’t be missed, then use custom formatting tweets. This just means that you’re inserting a line break, using images, or including emojis. These will all help your tweets catch the attention of your Twitter followers whenever you share an amazing piece of content.

Rich Snippets

Even if you’ve never heard of rich snippets, you probably come across them on a daily basis. Rich snippets summarize the content found on a website during search queries. What makes them so powerful is that there is more than just text. They also include thumbnails of videos, reviews, people, products, events and recipes.

Using the various types of rich snippets available, you make your website stand out from the pack in Google’s results. This will of course lead to more clicks and more visitors.

Visual Content

It’s no secret that social media users and internet surfers love visual content. Why? Because research has found 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Even more interesting is that 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.

Because visual content is such a powerful tactic to improve any content marketing campaign, you should be creating anything from infographics, charts, graphs, GIFs, memes, cartoons, comics or high-quality images that capture your business at it’s best, to help capture the attention of audience. And, when you capture the attention of visitors, they will be more inclined to share this visual content on their social media accounts.


Thanks to the amount of people using smartphones, podcasting is once again become a thing. These days, more than half of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts!

Because podcasting is arguably one of the fastest-growing mediums for content marketers, it’s time that you jumped onto the bandwagon. By launching a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly show that contains interviews and industry insights, you’ll be able to increase a loyal fan base.

Be Authentic and Emotional

Show the word that there are actual people behind the brand. For example, have comical exchanges with customers or other brands. If you’re able to make your followers have a little laugh, then you’re improving your chances of them sharing your content – see Dollar Shave Club’s commercial for example.

Other ways to tap into your audience’s emotions are by making them feel intelligent or inspiring them with positive brand messages.

Lengthy Articles Work

Recent study tells us that people will happily go through an article of 750 to 800 words without hesitation. Even better, Google rewards great content. So if you can create pages that completely cover every aspect of a specific topic, such that they could be considered the “go-to” resource for it, then you’re already off to a good start.

Longer articles tend to rank better in Google.


Whether you’re sharing survey or research results, you can use data to boost the quality and interest levels of your content. However, instead of just blog posts, you should rely on visual aids – like charts, graphs, slideshare presentations, white papers, infographics or eBooks to establish your authority in your industry, as well as gain exposure and links.

Host an Online Event

You can create a loyal following by having social media and online events. For example, you can host a “Fan Page Friday” wherein all your customers and Facebook fans share links to their own sites and social media pages on your own page. You could also host a webinar on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google Hangouts to share and giveaway content that your followers will find informative.


To extend the reach of your content marketing campaign, you should work with another business in your industry, or a business that complements yours on a log-form blog post or webinar. Besides introducing a new audience to reach business, you’ll be be able to gain fresh ideas while working with a different set of people.

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By Samantha Radisch

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