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There are thousands of web hosting companies out there and now one,, is embracing solar power—setting a precedent for other green-minded hosts who are into cost savings. While there are scores of hosting scares making the internet rounds, the industry is due for some good news. According to the solar-centered host, the data center will be in Las Vegas, which is a growing tech mecca in its own right. Currently, the host has headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, but given the near guarantee of a massive earthquake soon, doubled with tsunami risks and relatively high crime, LA isn’t exactly a safe bet for storing servers.

Solar power: Just one of the many ways your host may be embracing green. (Photo: Flickr, technomarivi).

Solar power: Just one of the many ways your host may be embracing green. (Photo: Flickr, technomarivi).

The President of the company says, “We feel Las Vegas is becoming a booming tech market and that Las Vegas also has a very progressive look on new business. By launching a new facility in Las Vegas, our company is set to serve customers with renewable energy enabled options, while also making sure to support clean energy.” Of course, the aspect that isn’t mentioned is the oodles of cash savings from relying on solar power instead of electric.


A Lucky Streak

Where your host is located matters, and Las Vegas—from a natural standpoint perspective—is fairly safe. So far, it’s known that the solar center will share a facility with Switch, which is a local colocation business. In addition to green energy usage, better network redundancy will also be achieved which will better serve the web host’s customers. However, shared hosting packages and cloud options will still come out of the LA center.

The benefits of solar power are vast according to The Washington Post, but it will take a few years to see just how impactful solar powered web hosting is. However, a lighter carbon footprint can also be a great selling tool for any business, including web hosts. More and more often, customers are seeking out green businesses as a means of preserving natural resources (and it also makes them feel better about themselves). The good news? There’s more than one way to go green.


What Green-Minded Customers Deserve

If you love your web host but they don’t rely on solar power, don’t worry. There may be countless other eco-friendly practices taking place behind closed doors. Ask how your company is embracing sustainability and you may be surprised by the answers. For example, a paperless office, virtual office that doesn’t require employees to commute, or buying used (such as office furniture) or relying on local vendors for their B2B components are all fantastic ways to become a green company.

When shopping for a web host, if they’re solar powered that can be a great draw—but always focus on the whole picture. After all, what good is solar power if the uptime is terrible? Have a checklist of questions, pay attention to their level of customer service, and figure out what’s most important to you. Not all hosts are created equally, and solar power is just one of many aspects.

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