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The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals aren’t necessarily tangible. It’s a great time to upgrade your web hosting package and/or switch web hosts, too. A lot of people are still stuck with basic shared plans—often because they don’t know the difference between virtual private server/VPS hosting and basic. However, the holiday rush is the perfect time to stay home, sip on some hot coffee, and do a little web host comparison shopping. It’s very likely that you’re overpaying for a subpar product, and that’s not how you want to ring in the New Year (especially for business owners with a website!).

There’s no definitive list of the best Cyber Monday deals for hosting, because it comes down to preferences and what you want out of a host. However, it is pretty easy to instantly move some potential hosts to the slush pile. There are thousands of hosts in the US, but only a small fraction offer VPS hosting. Today, VPS hosting is similarly priced to basic shared plans, but offers so much more. If you’re looking at a web host with a supposedly great holiday deal, but they don’t offer VPS, it’s time to move on. They’re cloaking a so-called “great deal” with the fact that they don’t have the best products available.

Shopping from Home

As a Cyber Monday shopper, you already have online shopping prowess. You’re ditching the malls and long lines for relaxed shopping at home. However, that online shopping can be made much faster and more enjoyable with a quicker website. You know this from a consumer perspective, but don’t forget about your own business website. Your customers are thinking the exact same thing, and your web host plays a big role in site speed. VPS hosting gives you faster speeds than basic plans, which is even more incentive to switch.

As you’re perusing VPS plans, keep in mind what’s important for you. Obviously, budget will play a role—and fortunately VPS price points are very frugal-friendly. You also want a web host with easy customer service that’s available at all days and hours. Even if your site has issues on Christmas Eve, you need to be able to reach a customer service agent with minimal wait time.

Decking the Halls

Some VPS hosts try to bolster sales by talking about unlimited bandwidth, but the vast majority of clients don’t need this. Still, it’s a naturally occurring component to VPS hosting, and not something to brag about. What should be highlighted is scalability and transparency. That’s what’s going to make a big difference now and in the future. Having root access is also important to many, especially if you want to maintain the bulk of your hosting yourself, but for others having a managed hosting package is still ideal.

Keep in mind that not all VPS hosting packages come with a managed option. You’ll be able to find some great deals this time of year, but don’t let the pricing blind you to the reality. The facts and what you’re getting with VPS hosting is still what’s most important.


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