San Marcos Guatemala Digital Nomad

San Marcos Guatemala Digital Nomad

This mid-month report is a little late and although I know you have been waiting with baited breath (is that how you spell it?)…

The report is finally here and it’s a good one.

But first…a little recap.

We went profitable June 16th of 2016.

It was our first affiliate sale. $100.

Once we went profitable, it set the tone for the next 90 days of experimentation, tweak-ification, jubilation, exasperation, fKthisbusiness-ation, and now… more celebration.

Why?… do you ask.

Because that is the lifecycle of most entrepreneurs, specifically, those who jump into “unknown territory” and have a pitbull-like determination to make said “unknown territory”… profitable.

So thats how the last 90 days have been…

Let’s bring it back to July 2016 where we did $1900 in revenue with 19 affiliate sales.

Hostt Affiliate Report - July 2016

Hostt Affiliate Report – July 2016

What turned out to be a great start in July, was followed by a rather WTF?! start to August.

Needless to say, August was where July’s candy-land turned south and real work had to get done.

Altogether, in September we looked at the traffic, the conversions, the hosting packages and the site speed.

Nothing really changed except the conversion rate.

In July we had a conversion rate of 1.6%.

In August we had a conversion rate of 0.6%. Whoa.

Big Drop.

After speaking with one of the Hostt team members who specializes in statistics, mathematics and physics, she helped me see that small sample sizes are generally difficult to forecast due to the large variance that one conversion can create in the conversion rate.

In Example: There are 1000 clicks and only 10 sales. Conversion rate is 1%.

If there were 12 sales, the conversion rate is 1.2%.

With such a small amount of conversions, the rate can fluctuate wildly with only a small number of sales per month.

Better to take a longer term view and not sweat minor fluctuations in the conversion rate, month over month.

Lesson learned.

So after looking at the conversion issue, we had to find the solution.

We tweaked a couple of things after calmly looking ahead at September.

  1. The traffic was enhanced with SEO practices that Al Gomez over at contributed.
  2. We had a couple of articles published in and a couple of other tech-related sites. Good link juice.
  3. We switched the hosting option to show $2.78 per month vs having it show $0.01 per month to start.

The main difference in September’s increase, was that the SEO practices that Al had been working on since July 1, have been starting to blossom with Google.

Moreover, our rankings for our big keywords were back up to #1 or #2 (FREE HOSTING, HOSTING FREE, FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING)

Take a look below to see the growth in traffic and rankings.

September 2016 Traffic Report

September 2016 Traffic Report

Rather than attribute the growth in traffic, conversion and revenue to one thing, we think that a confluence of factors allowed for the increase in key metrics for

  1. SEO work for the last 60 days finally took off and Google ranked us higher than last month.
  2. We cleaned up the hosting package choices. Less text =  Less thinking.
  3. Luck… (who knows)

Lets take a look at the profit picture for the first 15 days of September…




As you can see, we are on pace, as of September 15 to hit 22 sales by month-end.

21 sales is the magic number that we have been focusing on and we are on track to hitting it.

Hitting the 21 sales per calendar month triggers the bonus of $25 extra per sale which provides an extra $1000 in bonus.

Since this report was a little late this month, “We will include: not one… but 2 reports… it’s the super-duper bonus if you call within the next 2 minutes…”

Sorry Billy, had to throw that one in there, posthumously. 🙂

If you didnt get it, no worries…just Google: OxiClean

Either way, here is the September 23 report (second report bonus – since you called) that shows where we are in our goal towards 21 sales for September…



Oh, 21…so close yet so mysterious…we’re closing in…

Lets see what happens this final week!

Loving the growth of the business from all sides…excited to see where we end up for the month!



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