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Finally, we have come to the conclusion of our series on how to select the right hosting package!  There are obviously a lot of things that we take into account when it comes to what we do and choose for our hosting platform.  There are many different things to consider, outside of just the platform.  Some of these things we have gone over in our series on how to pick a data center/hosting provider, some of them we have gone over in our chats about PPC and SEO, and some are in this series here.  When we talk about what our businesses need to succeed, we obviously need to take everything into consideration.  For today’s final installment, I would like to summarize the options and help steer you in the right direction.

Is your business bootstrapped  or new?  Do you expect to have less that five-hundred people a day visit your site?  Also, is your site an information-only site, and does not actively sell anything or have financial transactions?  If so, I would suggest something in the virtual hosting realm.  This will give you everything you need for a low-demand site, and will also give you a platform to scale up to something bigger when you need it.  I would simply suggest that you get a hosting package from a provider that HAS the products for you to scale up.  If you do, you will be able to cross this bridge when you come to it without problem.

If you need something more robust that this, but your needs may change frequently and your traffic is highly different depending on time of year, time of day, etc, then I would suggest a cloud based solution.  This is the perfect solution for a company that wants to keep cost down as much as they can, while still being able to scale up at a moments’ notice in times of high demand.  This would be perfect for a company such as an accounting firm that gets triple the traffic during tax season.  See where I am going, here?

If you are a bigger business that NEEDS high levels of redundancy build into the product, and around the clock outsourced support for the hosting package, as well as high levels of power, bandwidth, cooling, and security, then I would suggest the dedicated hosting option.  With these options, you place all of the hardware responsibility on the provider, which saves you quite a bit.

If you are close to the facility, and want to manage your servers on site in-house, then I would suggest the colocation option.  This gives you the ability to swap out servers, hard-drives, and customize your hardware platform to your liking.  It also can limit the people that have access to your stuff.

Lastly, if you are SAS70 or PCI certified, or are a payment gateway company(or anyone else that needs utmost privacy, go with the suite or caged option.  While a little more upfront cost, the ability to customize service for your companies’ needs is priceless.

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