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We have spend some good time this week talking about some of the best choices in hosting packages, for all types of businesses.  There are packages that are as simple as a basic virtual server package, something like a virtual private solution, or a cloud solution, as well as dedicated hosting servers and colocation options.  As many options as there are out there for people, there are always a few select companies in different industries that are always looking for a key edge for their business, or want to gain a little bit more security than many of their competitors, or due to different restrictions in the governing bodies of their industry.  Many of the companies that will appreciate some of the solutions presented today are larger companies with large needs, or people that are in need of extremely high security. Without stalling any longer, lets take a look at our last basic hosting option.

For this option, we will be focusing on companies that are ready to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 dollars per month for a complete hosting solution.  What would this be, you ask?  I am talking about either private caged colocation, or(my personal favorite), private colocation suites.  One company that I am familiar with has set a fairly good market precedent with these suites, and many other data centers across the country are taking suit and following.

Typically, in a caged rack space scenario, you will have the privilege of not having to share any physical resources with anyone.  This means that you will be able to have your own secure area, with your own provisioned cooling tiles, power, internet connections, and many other standard features.  The cages are a fairly neat idea because of the fact of being separate from everyone else.  You can rest easy knowing that your neighbor in the cage just across from you or next to you cannot simply just start blowing his server fans’ hot air right into your space.  You also know that you are not going to be sharing power with anyone, in fact, you might even be on your own panel, separate from everyone else(depending on your power needs).

The suites, if you can find them, are really the Rolls Royce of the colocation world.  They allow you to fully customize the space, down to climate control, private loop monitoring, biometric access, and total anonymity.  You could be in the same facility as your direct competitor, and if you did not run into them on the way in or out, they would never know.  Many times, these types of caged and especially colocation suites will allow you to establish private network connections outside of your BGP bandwidth delivered by the data center(as long as they are carrier neutral).  The many perks to the colocation suite are too many to count.  Is it more expensive? Yes, but like they say – you get what you pay for!

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