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Last time we chatted, we talked a bit about how to select the right hosting package, in specific some good things about some of the virtual hosting options out there.  Also, at the end of the article, I told you to go look at our new wiki page!  Yes!  This is shameless self promotion, but here at Hostt, we are pretty excited about that one.  Without further ado, lets dive into what matters in choosing hosting platforms, and get into some options when it comes to hosted servers.

Your next category up is something that may cost you somewhere between twenty dollars and two-hundred dollars.  It is one that many companies offer(and all call different things) and one that in my opinion is actually the most changing platform here, but for our purposes here we will call it a Virtual Private Server.  Many providers will just end up calling this a cloud server.  There really is not a big difference in the two anymore, but there is obviously a lot of confusion between everyone about what this service really is.  The private virtual server option is great for the majority of medium sized companies.  What the premise is- that you are likely going to be sharing hardware with other clients, but you will have your own software licenses and resources that are dedicated to you.  The idea here is that instead of having a single server that everyone is treating like an all-you-can-eat buffet, you have slices of the server resources that are yours, and yours alone.  With the progression of cloud services, these services are being able to be administered via Blade Chassis and other server options so that you will share less and less of the physical resources as well, but you may still not have the redundancy and the robust nature of a dedicated box.  In other circumstances, your hosting provider may have cloud and virtual private options that will actually be MORE redundant that a single hosting box.  This is where you will likely want to do a lot of research with the specific product that the company is offering, and make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.

As we talk about some of the options available with cloud hosting, typically you will see in the neighborhood of 1-8GB of ram, up to quad-core processors, and 100-2TB of hard drive space.  This would apply for some of the products in the price range that we are talking about.  One good thing about the virtual server or cloud option is the ability to add resources on the fly to your platform, without having to do the whole “reboot, add, start over” type of downtime-related upgrades that you may be used to with other platforms.

These services are a valuable addition to the hosting game in the last ten or so years, so don’t overlook them for more traditional options.  Next time, we will take a look at some of the dedicated options, and more!

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