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You’ve been thinking about upgrading from your basic shared hosting plan to a virtual private server/VPS hosting plan for a while now. However, particularly if your current web host doesn’t offer VPS, it can seem like too much of a hassle. The majority of small and mid-sized businesses with an online presence still have basic shared hosting, even though it may no longer be the best option for you. Now that basic shared plans and VPS hosting plans are the same price (or close), why are you still paying for an inferior product? The holidays are around the corner, and there’s no better time to scale up.

Many businesses, even those not in retail, count on the fourth quarter to get into the black or ease them over their annual sales goals. If this is your business, you need to stack the odds in your favor pronto. This means offering your online customers the best possible experience. Your website needs to be fast, have minimal downtime, and you want the security that only comes with not sharing a physical server with other clients. You can’t afford dedicated hosting (few can!) which makes VPS hosting the ideal solution.

Do I Have Time?

There’s plenty of time before the holidays arrive in full force. One of the great aspects of VPS hosting is that it’s easy to scale up or down. A reputable web host will ensure scalability whether you’re switching from basic shared hosting to VPS, or migrating your web hosting package from a different provider. It should take only a few minutes to get VPS up and running—especially if you opt for a managed plan. There are also unmanaged VPS hosting options, in which case it’s up to you how quickly you take care of your system admin tasks.

VPS hosting, once you’ve customized it (or had someone else customize it), is easy to manage and runs smoothly. It basically uses a shared physical server, which is owned and managed by your web host, then sections it off into independent virtual servers. That virtual server is your own, non-shared piece of the pie. You can do with it as you see fit, all while ensuring safety issues and “resource hogging” from other clients don’t impact you and your site.

The Holidays Came Early!

Most of the time, you’ll find that VPS hosting is very affordable—often keeping with prices of basic shared plans. However, if you’re operating a website for your business, remember that all hosting packages likely qualify as a business expense. Check with your CPA first, but any fees you may face changing web hosts should be covered. (As a side: A good web host won’t lock you into a contract or charge you exorbitant fees for breaking a contract.)

Treat yourself to an early holiday hurrah by upgrading to VPS hosting today. It might give you the competitive edge you need to beat last year’s sales record.


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