Every year, WebHostingSecret Revealed (WHSR) conducts a survey asking bloggers about their web hosting experience. The questions are simple: Where are you hosting your blog, are you happy with your host, and are there any plans to change hosts in the next six months? The results are eye opening, but this shouldn’t be a surprise for web hosts or bloggers. It’s a saturated market, and you can’t share a link without stumbling into an offer for a new web host. However, many bloggers (and website owners in general) go with convenience when it comes to web hosting. They don’t do any research, and if hosting is offered free or low cost as part of a bundling package when securing their domain, they go with it.

However, what people should be doing is looking at the pros and cons of any web host. Watch their actions, which are often revealed in reviews, and don’t just believe anything they say. In total, 50 bloggers responded to the 2015 survey, which WHSR connected with via social media. The digital media outlet attempted to lure in more respondents from HARO, but ultimately the call was not published. In the end, 36 bloggers completed the full survey, so this obviously isn’t a comprehensive and extensive survey. However, it does hold merit.

Where’s the Hosting Happening?

Ten popular web hosts were available on the survey, but by far the most popular response to, “Who’s hosting your blog?” was “other”. Hostgator was the runner up with SitegGround and others nearly tying for third and fourth place. This isn’t a surprise given the sheer quantity of hosting platforms out there. Surprisingly, GoDaddy wasn’t given as an option, so it’s unclear if the “big daddy” made up the majority of “others” or not. However, the survey creators do note that in order to qualify as “other”, only one web host could be named (otherwise, two or more would result in an additional web hosting category being created).

Next, respondents were asked what they liked most about their host. The majority (21 respondents) said the tech support and customer service was helpful. However, 20 said the best thing was a “reasonable price”, which should never be the main reason for choosing a host. Fourteen reported “hosting performance” as the biggest draw, while 12 said hosting features were the biggest pro. Flexibility, environmentally friendly and being user friendly were also major attractions.

Coming Up Next…

Surprisingly, when bloggers were asked if they were planning to switch web hosts soon, 79 percent said no. Twelve percent said maybe, and just nine percent said yes. Even if there are better hosts out there for the needs of these bloggers, the thought of researching and actually making a change seems to be too much for them to handle. “Good enough” web hosting has been, well, good enough for many website owners for years. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem about to change.

When asked about personal experiences, one respondent said of their host, “It’s becoming more and more difficult to get help either by mail or live chat. Looks like it’s the worst industry at the moment,” and yet this blogger still plans to doggedly stick by their side. Loyalty shouldn’t be confused with convenience though, and it’s high time other hosts step up their service game because there are customers out there for the taking.

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