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So last post, we talked a bit about how to get that click-through-rate higher than ground level.  I though that was a fantastic jump-off to what is relevant for your hosted site in today’s post.  There is certainly no shortage of strategy when it comes to talking about how to research keywords.  I usually plan on everyone doing just about their own thing.  There are however, a few different things that are typically universally good ideas when it comes to keyword research.  There are things that are more basic and some advanced ideas as well, so lets take a look at what will help you out in the long run.  When you are done with this, head over to look at how to speed up your website….this will help you out on the PPC front more than you think!

One big idea that I like to emphasize is to do your negative keyword research!  This is a must have. Make yourself a list of negative keywords right now, and get them in the system.  If you are trying to sell wedding cakes, and someone ends up at your site looking for a Russian mail order bride, you are probably getting unprofitable traffic to your site.

I would recommend thinking like the people that are searching for, hopefully, your site.  Sometimes, your customers may call your exact product a different thing(think baseball glove versus baseball mitt), or sometimes they may be looking for something you are advertising, but they could also use something else you have.  Make sure you are looking into keywords that cover the whole range of products that are similar to yours, just in case someone doesn’t use the exact same vocabulary.

I would also recommend making good use of the Google Keyword Tool, or Bing Keyword Research.  If you are going to have a complete keyword list, you must use these tools.  I am not a big fan of absolute statements, but this one is hands-down correct.  I don’t care if you think you have amazing eloquence and mastery of the English language, it is not on a level that you can compare it to Google or Bing. Sorry.  This will help fill in the gaps in your keyword list, and make sure you don’t leave out anything that could be used.

Take a look at your website, and try to figure out what keywords people are going to be typing in when they are wanting to go to a website like yours.  Find out everything about your product(like if nobody were to use the term baseball “mitt” anymore) and anything that would be relevant to what you are trying to gain traffic for.  Hopefully, if you can accurately gauge what keywords you need to bid on, your hosting provider will be wishing they had a resource usage clause in force!

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